Why We Care About Women’s Health

Why We Care About Women’s Health

Over time we have refined our focus to bring a voice to women’s health issues. It’s something I’m passionate about as the owner of the business. And it’s a passion that my team share. While we have male staff that may not fully understand women’s health, they have wives, sisters and daughters. These women will be impacted by different issues throughout their lives and it’s important to be aware. We have always been about more than providing just a massage or having you just come in for a workout. Why we care about women’s health comes down to adding value to our services by discussing issues which impact women and their families.

Benefits of Caring for Women’s Health

The Impact on the Whole Family

How often do we, as women, put other people first? We make sure our kids have enough after school activity for their physical and mental development. We see our partners take time for themselves at the gym or playing golf with their mates. We prioritise spending more time at work caring for clients or customers, instead of taking that time to care for ourselves. We say yes to friends when we would prefer to be home taking the rest we need. I’ve even seen female clients book their husbands in for a massage before they look after their aches. Often it’s the wife that books her husband in too.

When we see our female clients start to take care of their health first, we see the knock on effect it has for her family. We see her living life with less pain and doing more with the family. We notice her confidence increase and stress decrease. Her family see a role model for health and want to follow in her footsteps. Her friends and extended family or community see the changes and benefit from how much more she is able to give or achieve. We believe that focusing on the woman will ultimately help the whole family.

Opening up the Conversation on Taboo Topics

I have lost count of the number of times women have said “I just thought that was normal” or “why didn’t anyone tell me that?”. We see this most in our pregnant clients. Women are sharing the movie version and horror stories of labour but often we forget to talk about the more intimate or embarrassing parts. Many women still believe that’s it’s just a part of having children that you will now experience incontinence. It’s a common effect of childbirth but there is help available so that it’s not an issue long term.

Another common topic is period pain. Women believe it’s normal to be in pain each month. Painful periods are a sign of something going on in our bodies that should be investigated. One in ten women are now diagnosed with endometriosis which can be a cause of these painful periods. Opening up on taboo topics, helps women seek medical advice and realise they don’t have to live like this forever.

Enjoy a Better Pregnancy Experience

Sometimes Pregnancy Sucks! We see the images of glowing women with perfectly round baby bumps, clear skin and luscious locks. Unfortunately, the pregnancy experience can be much different for some women. We often don’t know how to manage the pain, the changing body or the hormonal symptoms that occur. We feel that we just have to deal with it and don’t know where to get help. It’s also a time of high anxiety, fear and misinformation. There are some health providers who will not touch a women in her first trimester for fear of miscarriage. There are others who will only provide gentle pressure to aching muscles which does not provide relief. I’ve heard the flip side where pregnant women are getting treated while laying on their stomach without support.

I’ve spent plenty of hours and continue to learn more about pregnancy and the postnatal period. Personally, my pregnancies have been tough so I’m passionate helping women experience a more comfortable pregnancy period. I support mums-to-be by providing firm massage with safe positioning to relieve muscular aches and pains.

Understanding How to Have a Safe Return to Exercise

Post Natal recovery is poorly represented. Women look at other women ‘bouncing back’ and feel that their body should be doing the same. Our bodies need time to rest and recover. Every body is different so for some, it will be easier to return to exercise and for others it will take some more TLC. I am very passionate about making sure women know what can be done following pregnancy and how to prevent any long term pelvic health issues. Following my own post natal recovery experience, I did a lot of study (and continue to do so) to understand what was happening with my body and how to heal issues. I experienced abdominal separation, recovery from a c-section, pelvic pain residual from pregnancy, breathing difficulties and migraines. All of these were able to be managed with corrective exercise, remedial massage, foam rolling, self massage and giving my body more time to recover before returning to intense exercise. Sharing what happened in my own body helps other women know that there is help available. I also hope to prevent women from rushing back into exercise without retraining some areas of the body changed through pregnancy.

Connecting us Together

I care about women’s health so much and was sick of seeing so much rubbish being pushed into social media for women. I created a private Evolution Health Mums Facebook Group to allow a space to exist where women could connect about health related issues. I also invited other health professionals to join in including a Women’s Health Physiotherapist and Counsellor . They share their expertise about pelvic floor health and post natal depression. I share information about pregnancy, including my current experience, as well as how I’ve managed Gestational Diabetes and a busy life. I don’t believe in telling people what to do but I want to show what is available and possible. I want to set a positive example through my own actions and it’s not about being perfect. The group connects on many topics and while some don’t share in the group, it opens up conversations with me in private. It’s helping women connect and share even the most embarrassing issues.

We have developed a range of services to assist with Pregnancy, Post Natal Recovery and Family Health. It’s important to us to share that these services are specifically designed for women through many stages of life. But we are also here to care for your family too.

Read more about our services:

  • Pregnancy Massage – From conception through to labour, we are confident and experienced in providing massage through all stages.
  • Post Natal Massage – We can help guide your recovery from pregnancy and childbirth. Massage can help address pain caused from your new role as Mum.
  • Remedial Massage – Not just for mums. Suitable for the whole family.
  • Infant Massage – Our classes provide an opportunity to bond with baby, learn techniques to settle and soothe through nurturing touch.
  • Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness – Exploring movement for your body through all stages of pregnancy and post natal recovery.

If you would like to discuss any women’s health issues with myself or one of the team, please Contact Us today.