Why Do You Want To Change Your Lifestyle?

Why Do You Want To Change Your Lifestyle?

I often hear clients and potential clients share with me how they want to change their weight, their eating habits or their level of physical activity. They want to be fitter and eat healthier but struggle to keep motivation. They know what they should do, but fail to find a way to make it work for their busy lifestyle. They know the How but have you ever considered Why? Why do you want to change your lifestyle?

One of our lovely clients who has been through our 12 Week Challenge twice before shared this story with me about why she wants to change. It really hit me how important it is to understand your reason for wanting change and when you discover this, you will maintain your focus on how you will achieve it. 

“On 1st February I start my third 12 Week Challenge with Evolution Health Services. I am looking forward to joining in the group of people ready to take on the challenge this time round. My journey through the first two challenges has been an interesting one.Through the first challenge I achieved so much. I was so proud of myself, and my confidence peaked. Then the second challenge started, and it was like I was just going through the motions. I was not motivated, I missed sessions, and I ate whatever I wanted. Looking back at it now, I know why this happened. I was not connected to my WHY. That’s why I love the new goal setting sheet Melissa has designed for this 12 week challenge. The first question is what is your Why. My Why is deeply personal. I have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – which causes my ovaries to produce more than enough testosterone in my body, and this means I often have cysts growing on my ovaries. The condition is so much more than that with a range of side effects. It causes me to have acne even in my thirties, unwanted hair, trouble losing weight, and potential infertility. Hence my WHY is to be fit, strong, and fertile so I can conceive children one day. I also hope one day I can be a role model to my children, but for the moment hope I can inspire others around me. The Outdoor Training is my favourite part of the 12 Week Challenge, and I love that the kids of others get involved. It gives me hope that I can achieve my goal of being a mother, and being a role model for them one day. The kids inspire me in more ways than one, often they are little trainers themselves, especially with JJ yelling ‘jump’ when I do squat jumps. I can’t wait to start this 12 Week Challenge. I have my goals sheet completed and pinned on my board where I can see it every day. I hope to achieve a few small goals during the challenge including running consistency for 2kms. Let’s do this!”  Amy Woodley. 

Amy’s story really pulls at my heart strings as a mother. I know that it’s not something that comes easily for everyone and if there is a way I can make a difference to her life and help her fulfil a dream bigger than losing weight, I will do everything I can think of to help. I would ask you to dig deep and think about why you want to make a change to your lifestyle. Think about how your current lifestyle is holding you back from what you want in life. When you hit that pain point, you discover what is important and there you have your Why.  Is it for the kids? Is it so your hubby can’t keep his hands off you? Is it so you feel confident to speak to new people or make new friends. Whatever it may be, remember your Why whenever you plan to give up. Your Why becomes a greater motivator than any motivational quote we can post on Facebook. 

Once you have your Why, we can help you with the How. Our 12 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is about educating you to make positive changes to create a healthy lifestyle that suits you and your family. It’s not a quick fix and we will not do the work for you but you have two Personal Trainers here ready to help any time you need it.

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