Why Dan Became a Massage Therapist

Why Dan Became a Massage Therapist

Dan was the first Massage Therapist employed by Evolution Health Services back in February 2017. He has been building a loyal following on his Friday afternoons with us. He spends the rest of his week at Westmead Rehabilitation Hospital where he supervises Hydrotherapy and assists Physiotherapists with patients following surgery. We asked Dan why he wanted to become Massage Therapist and why did he want to join us. 

I initially started my health services career as a Physio Aide which I have continued for the last 7 years. Even though I was working with an amazing team, I still found that I didn’t agree with the amount of one on one client time they were able to provide to their client. I decided to upskill myself but I wasn’t sure to what. It was also around this time that I had been diagnosed with Usher’s Syndrome, a genetic condition that would eventually leave me for the most part legally blind. I was then recommended to read a booking called “running blind” which was an autobiography by a blind marathon runner who was also a Massage Therapist. That’s when I decided that was the perfect career for me, I would get more one on one time with my clients, I would feel as if I was providing a genuinely beneficial service that they appreciated, and I could do it, without my vision if need be.

Currently I have 9 degrees of peripheral vision. I am considered legally blind so I don’t have a driver’s licence and a hearing impairment that requires that I wear hearing aids. It does not impact my ability to treat clients as I have developed the skills to assess by moving further away from a client and through feel. And I also have a great wife who drives me to work.

My wife had been following Evolution Health Services on Facebook for a while and one day she told me they were looking for a Massage Therapist and I should apply. I looked on Facebook to see what they were like and I immediately noticed how proactive and passionate about providing a top of the range service to the community. Whilst I had previously worked for a few places I can without a doubt say that Evolution is one of the most family friendly and accommodating companies I have worked for. And not just for employees, Tristan and Melissa together go out of their way to make you feel welcome and at home the minute you walk through the door. And as a father of three it’s this family friendly and positive attitude behind Evolution that make it such an amazing opportunity. Not only do I want to improve myself as a Massage Therapist for myself, but for my clients and the Evolution Health Services brand, to continue providing that top of the range service. 

Thank you Dan for sharing and we are glad you recognise the family friendly environment we hope to create for our staff and clients. We love having Dan as part of the Evolution Team. He is intelligent and knowledgeable about Massage and how the human body works. Most days we don’t even remember that he has Usher’s Syndrome. It’s only when I tell him what colour towels go on the massage table. He usually just smiles and guesses because he is also colour blind. We laugh about it and I go back and change towels later. 

If you would like to book with Dan, he is available Friday afternoons. Book Online here

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