Why Dad Needs a Massage Gift Voucher

Why Dad Needs a Massage Gift Voucher

Its that time of year again and everyone is shopping round for the perfect gift for Dad! Well look no further, the perfect gift for Dad is……. drum roll…. A MASSAGE!

There’s a current stigma among men. That if you have an injury or just aren’t feeling the best, be it stress or physical, that you “suck it up” and keep going. But it’s often this mentality that does more damage than the issue at hand. So, instead of socks and jocks, treat Dad. Let him know he doesn’t have to deal with discomfort and pain, and that its ok to “Treat Yo Self”

However, massage therapy isn’t just about relaxation and treating yourself. There are some substantial health benefits to massage therapy, that while they benefit everyone, they are especially beneficial to Dad.

Lower Back Pain (LBP):

Lower back pain is currently the 3rd highest reason for medical days off work and workers compensation claims. 1 in 6 Australians currently suffer from one form of LBP or another. Good news is recent studies have shown regular massage therapy has proven to be the most effective form of treatment for LBP (even over surgical intervention). So don’t let Dad be another statistic, get rid of the pain in his back(side).

Physical performance:

Currently there is a big push for everyone to improve their health and of course this means Dad as well. Maybe dad is going through a bit of a midlife crisis and is looking at old photos of himself with a six pack instead of a keg, or he has a new-found interest in lycra pants and cycling. Massage therapy has been proven to assist in maintaining and even improving flexibility, and reducing muscle soreness post exercise, as well as general maintenance to keep dad going strong during his exercise.


Let’s face it, Dad’s not getting any younger, and if he is your Dad, chances are you are the reason he is aging quicker than ever. As a Father myself I know my three children have added 10 years to my age….each. With age comes new pains and discomforts.But fortunately there is something you can do about it. Most aches and pains you experience are for the most part muscular in their nature. Maybe it’s a twinge in the lower back, or sore calves, massage therapy is the most effective treatment for soft tissue pain.But some Dads are older than others, and some Dads have also just had orthopaedic surgery like knee and hip replacement, and some Dads need them (Looking at my own dad for this one).

Knee and/or hip replacement surgery is a pretty common place surgery these days, but most people don’t realise the extensive rehabilitation process behind it. There’s the side effects of the surgery itself, excluding obviously the new knee or hip, and an awesome scar. The result of this surgery mostly always results in a change in the muscle structure of the leg and even the lower back, it will change the way you stand and walk (for the better) and this in itself can cause discomfort, the surgery itself will result in muscle tightness and soreness as muscles are moved out of the way and poked prodded and on the odd occasion cut. Often this won’t sort itself out. Now if only there was someone who worked at here at Evolution Health Services who has over 9 years’ worth of experience working with post orthopaedic surgery clients and rehabilitation for said clients. ????

Cardiovascular Health and Stress:

On a serious note, Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Australian males. If there was a way to help Dad reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, that would be a good gift wouldn’t it? Regular massage sessions of up to half an hour have been scientifically proven to reduce blood pressure, stress hormones, and decrease sources of stress, anxiety and hostility. So not only can massage therapy decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, and stress related instances it is scientifically proven to make Dad happy!


So, while a Dad might want a new Makita outdoor radio and power bank (Hint Hint), is it going to benefit his mental and physical wellbeing? Will it keep him in shape for longer? Will it reduce physical aches and pains? Not really, but massage will! I’m sure you will make the right decision.

Purchase your Gift Voucher for Dad online today or visit us at Suite 3, 150 Lindesay Street Campbelltown.

Dan and his three Children. They look too sweet to be making him age a day!

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