Why Boyfriends Make Us Fat

Why Boyfriends Make Us Fat

In relationships it’s easy to blame our boyfriends or husbands for making us fat. Facebook memories have again reminded me of the wonderful things I have shared over the past almost 10 years. There seems to be an ongoing theme of wanting to get back to the gym (again). Last week I saw a post from 7 years ago saying that I was getting back to the gym as boyfriends make me fat. I realise that over the years my weight has gone up and down depending on my relationship status. It made me reflect on why boyfriends make us fat.  I started to think about what changes occur alongside this new found attraction. Can you relate to any of these?  Feeling of Missing Out I’m not a coffee drinker and my husband is.  I notice that feeling of missing out when he goes for his coffee run. I want something too. I don’t need it but I don’t wanna miss out. Often I will choose to get something I will drink or some kind of treat that I really don’t need. Once I recognised this feeling, I have started saying “No”. No is a powerful word as you recognise what it is you need instead of being ruled by the feeling of missing out. Give it a try and take a look at why you choose to eat or drink those treats. Men Generally Need More Food I speak generally in this case as it all relates to BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) meaning that their daily need for calories is higher if they are a larger build than you. Add in a physical job and potentially bigger weights that they can lift and you can see a large gap in their needs compared to yours. When sitting down to dinner you see them eating a big delicious meal and think why can’t I eat all of that? Your portion should be smaller but it’s just so delicious so you have a little more… and a bit more until you have eaten way more than you should have. Focus on your own portions and understand what your body needs. Men Seem To Lose Weight Faster Have you ever been in a relationship when a guy says “Oh I’m putting on weight, better do something about that” and BAM! Weight gone! It is enough to drive you insane and into a spiral of emotional eating. Men generally have a higher metabolism due to their higher proportion of muscle mass compared to women. This means that their muscle mass burns calories faster than us. They usually don’t have the hormonal issues that we have to deal with either. To deal with this, we need to focus on ourselves. Try not to compare and put ourselves down for not losing weight as fast. With persistence, we will get there too.  Priorities Change How we spend our time definitely changes once we become a couple. We used to spend our single days at the gym and nights out dancing up a storm. We choose the comfort of the couch or eating out at restaurants to spend quality time with our new love. What this usually leads to is eating more, exercising less and weight gain occurs. To tackle this we need to find new ways to be active together and seek out adventure instead of watching others have adventure on the TV.  Emotional Eating This one is a biggie! Sometimes relationships go bad or aspects of relationships get us down. Other times we are under a lot of stress or pressure. We hide our feelings with food as we refuse to talk about what is really going on. It’s hard to talk about your problems as you feel that there are others going through worse so we should just be quiet. No one wants to hear our whinging right? Well maybe this needs to change. We need to find a way to speak, whether it’s to our friends, family or even a counsellor. We need to deal with the feelings instead of burying them.   Once you are aware of these habits or emotions, you can take a step towards making changes. Realise the feelings that are leading you to eating more than you need and deal with them. At Evolution Health Services, we understand these feelings and encourage our clients to live a life of balance. We do not use exercise to punish clients, we want you to enjoy your time being active with us.  If you want to experience the Evolution difference and be surrounded with real people who will not judge you, Contact Us to trial your first outdoor training session free. Join our Facebook Group Here: Evolution & Infinity Outdoor Fitness


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