Who Do You Inspire?

Over the last few months I have been referred to as “inspiring” or “inspirational”. I’ve never thought of myself in that way at all. I probably struggle to take a compliment, like many women. I am a worker, I try to get things done but often forget to reflect on what kind of an impact my “work” does for others. I only hoped that I could motivate my clients to lead happier, healthier lives in a way that they want. It really got me thinking about who inspires me? Who’s values do I connect with to make me be this inspirational person to others.  


In my work as a Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer I am given the opportunity to meet so many amazing people. I meet them as clients but I also meet them in the business world. I have come across women who have overcome great things to be where they are today and this resonates with me as despite not having the worst life ever, I have definitely been through some tough times. Being on the other side of these tough times makes me appreciate the struggle that we go through.  


My clients are a wonderful inspiration. I get to meet people with their own stories to tell. One lady that I think is so special is a Foster Mum. She takes children into her home, loves them and cares for them in ways that they have never known before. It is so sad that they have had to go through this much so young but she does what she can to help. She creates them scrapbooks to take with them to their permanent homes so they have memories of when they were babies. Can you imagine what your life would be like if you had no baby photos or memories to look back on? I love photos and I believe this is something so special to give and so easy to do. While taking on all of this responsibility she finds time to come for a massage to care for herself so she can keep giving. She inspires me to want to be a great mum and appreciate the life I am able to give my child. It makes me want to teach other mums how to create their own lifestyles where they are happy, their children are happy and that there are people who are not so lucky.  


I have many women as clients who are dealing with depression. They have been to the depths of their lows and fought their way back. They are also surprised to learn how many of their training buddies are in or were in the same boat. I don’t share specifics of who but through getting to know one another they have found common ground. They all inspire me to embrace the bad days and look to the brighter ones as I have that ability to do so. Depression makes having bad days worse and I want them to know how amazingly strong they are to have found a way for them. I also hope they realise the impact they can have on other women by sharing their stories.  


As part of the Linking Ladies networking group we are offered a 10 minute business highlight spot. I have heard some fantastic stories from local business women. They share how they got to where they are and what they needed to overcome to do it. They show us great strength and vulnerability when sharing their stories. I have developed a greater respect for these women and have found women I relate to more than I would have expected. This sharing helps those around to see what can be achieved and we all want to see them continue to grow.  I’m stepping up next month to do mine and I hope I will be able to show some vulnerability and share mine. I don’t often share the really bad times as they are embarrassing to me but I take full responsibility for the choices I made and they drive me to where I am today.  


Now the women in my life are so wonderful, I could spend all day writing about them, but what about our men? My husband Tristan is a huge inspiration to me. So is my little man Blake. Tristan has a great story to tell and I can’t wait for him to get his blog started to share. He works hard to make sure that we can pay our bills. He is showing us what it means to follow your dreams, however crazy MMA Fighting may seem and he does it all without too much complaining. He has given me the opportunity to run this business for the past year so I didn’t have to return to work in the city and to a job I hated. He wanted to make sure that I was able to work where my passion lies. This inspires me to put everything into this business to allow him to give up the job he hates and start working where his passion lies. We are a pretty awesome team and we are working to support one another to be better people in so many ways. 


Everyone has an amazing story for how they got to where they are today. Sharing your story may help to inspire someone else in their business or personal lives. Have you considered how your actions are inspiring others? What words would you like to be used to describe you?  


I would love to hear your stories and how you would love to inspire others. It doesn’t have to be huge but it can be significant to you. Contact me at [email protected] and let me know if you would like to share your story in a future blog. 

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