What Would You Like to Teach Your Children?

What Would You Like to Teach Your Children?

You work hard all week to provide for your family. You work long hours, you commute hours to work and put up with a tough boss all in the effort of being able to give your children the best start in life. You put your children first as you know the importance of a good start in life. You make sure they are in sport, eat a good dinner and go to bed at a reasonable hour. You are so tired after all the running around you prepare yourself a quick meal, complain about that niggling ache you have had for weeks, fall onto the lounge and may even fall asleep there. You have done an amazing job of caring for your children, but what about you? What would like to teach your children about caring for their own health?   

As a mum I have learnt from my own mum that you put yourself last for your children. While I appreciate everything that my mum did for us, I would have loved to see her healthy and happy too. I wonder if there a better way we can all get what we need. Blake is watching everything that we do from such a young age and I want to be able to teach him that it’s ok to care for himself.  

From 6 months old, Blake has watched us start our Outdoor Training Classes in Hurley Park. He came along to the Saturday sessions in Winter, snuggled up in his pram with my Nephew JJ, as our first members kick-started their fitness program. Our first clients were my family. My mum, two sisters and 11 year old niece. As the boys grew, they started to mimic our moves. They would squat, do arm circles to warm up and tried little push ups. Today they run, jump and do burpees. All without ever been shown technique as I do with adults.

They learnt through watching us move and had a go too. Through Fitness we were able to set a positive example and show how moving your body makes you feel.  When it comes to nutrition in our household, we believe in balance and moderation. We are not perfect and work to make better choices each day. We like to indulge at times but are learning to reduce the options on the Christmas dessert table and invite more people to birthdays to share the cake. We try to make sure Blake has fresh fruit and vegetables for him every day but what about us? We make sure that we also eat the fruit and veggies. We know that making one nutritious meal for the whole family means we are all taken care of. 

Blake makes such amazing choices sometimes that it blows us away. He prefers water over any juice, loves bananas, peaches and yoghurt, and sultanas. We have never forced him to eat this but with what was available to him, these are the choices he made. When I eat something I probably shouldn’t, I see him curious to try. When I say no, I realise that by not wanting him to have it, should I even be having it. I need to model the food behaviours that I would like Blake to have too.   

This week I was giving my Nan a Remedial Massage. She needs some assistance getting onto my massage table and travelling. My mum was minding Blake while I worked and brought my Nan down for her appointment. He wanted to stay in the room so I allowed it. This was the first time he had ever seen my work in my clinic rooms. He looked and listened as I spoke. He watched as I started to treat my Nan. She made a noise as I hit a painful point. He then began asking “you alright Nan?”. He understood that something was happening and mummy was helping.

The following day he walked up to my husband and said “Daddy, sore?” pointing to his arm. He then began to massage his arm. I realised then that we have been teaching him the importance of touch and caring for one another.  Over time we have realised the importance of self care. As parents we plan our time to allow each of us to have regular massage to treat issues impacting on our health. We want to be able to spend quality time with Blake without pain or stress.

Tristan is part of Wimp2Warrior to follow his own passion for MMA Training, teaching Blake to follow your dreams. I am working on making it to more training sessions or making time to train myself. There are plenty of things we can do each week to care for ourselves outside of these. Something as simple as a walk, window shopping, read a blog post (wink wink), or spending 10 minutes in the sunshine. 

This week, pick one thing you can do for yourself. Looking after yourself this week will give you more energy to be able to care for your children.

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