What to Do When You Lose Motivation

This week the girls in our 12 Week Challenge started to share their feelings with losing motivation and all the things going on with them that are impacting how they feel. Well yesterday I also hit this motivational wall. So what do you do when you feel yourself losing your motivation? Yesterday I went into justification mode where I started to think of all the reasons I didn’t need to continue on my quest to lose weight prior to my wedding. I started to think why bother as my wedding dress already fits. I thought my shoulders already look good and my butt will be hidden under the big dress so who cares. I lacked motivation as my weight is in no way affecting my health at this time. I can move well and am quite fit so what’s the reason for working so hard? One of the girls posted a motivational quote in our Facebook Group (Pictured) as week ago. I agreed with it at the time and had heard it before but it sat in the back of my mind. So I realised I quickly needed to snap out of it for the sake of the group and myself. I felt like quitting but why had I started? I started this 12 week program to look and feel good for my wedding day. I didn’t want to look at all those professional photos and regret not working hard enough and overindulging. I wanted the stamina to get through the day and feel great while having fun with friends and family. Next it was time to take action and here’s what I did: 

  • Put on my engagement ring

 As a Remedial Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer, my job does not really allow me to wear jewellery. On weekends I am usually working and running around so I forget to wear it. So today I put it on as a reminder of my why. 

  •  Found the photo of my wedding dress

 I was due to go for a hair trial this week so my sister forwarded me a picture of me in my dress. It was perfect timing as I needed to see it. I have looked at it a couple of times in the last 24 hours to inspire that drive to return.  It’s starting to work and I am ready to take on Metafit tonight. 

  • Had a cry

 A cry always helps. I sat down with my partner and told him all of my feelings. He is not emotional like me but he has now learnt to just listen and let me get it all out. What better way to remind you of the commitment you are about to make than having the confidence to share your feelings with that man.  

  • Ate ice cream

 Yep I fell off the wagon so to speak and ate an ice cream. But this morning I got up and cooked myself eggs for breakfast as usual. I didn’t decide that this week was a blow out and restart Monday. I chalked it up as a one off and continued with my plan.  I am starting to feel better and I even stopped procrastinating over my wedding invites. These are now done too. So bring on Metafit tonight and boxing tomorrow. Being a Personal Trainer does not excuse me from being human. I wish that perfect commitment came with the qualification. I have to work on my motivation, commitment and will power too. Thank you Amy for your motivational quote. It got me back on track so I can help you all keep to your commitment. 

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