What To Do When You Doubt Yourself

Yesterday I lost it. I was feeling so stressed, under pressure and unfocused. With so much happening all at once and so fast, I forgot the reason we started all of this. 12 weeks ago I committed to run the Half Marathon in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival. 21kms of running which I have never physically completed before. I also chose to raise funds for the Can Too Foundation. Up until 2 weeks ago, our training was going well. While not perfect we were consistent and racking up some great runs. I was feeling so proud of myself.  One day while running, we discussed an idea of creating an event to help boost our fundraising efforts. We called it Optimising You and it has the aim of helping people achieve their full potential. We decided it should be aimed at women, particularly mums as this is what we know. We are mums and we know how we have been able to harness the opportunities available to us to create our business, to fundraise and to run. It felt like a winning formula.  We then had the opportunity to go and meet the CEO and the Program Manager at the Can Too Foundation. We had even more motivation to create wonderful opportunities in the South West Sydney area. It was all going well. Until I got overwhelmed, lost focus and wanted to just stay in bed.  A few months ago at the Business Event of The Year, I had the opportunity to hear from Olympic Swimmer, Kieran Perkins. He shared a story about the Atlanta Olympic Games where he was so focused on winning gold, he forgot he needed to qualify for the Olympic Finals first. He realised you need to take one step at a time and focus on achieving that before worrying about the big goal.  For me, completing the Half Marathon is the first step. If I complete this race, I will be able to stand in front of the group of women at our Optimising You Event and say I did it. Once we have raised all of these funds, then we can look at further opportunities with Can Too.  To refocus on the first step, I first had a motivating talk from my husband who believes in me. He told me to stop putting so much pressure on myself, among other things. I later put on my most recent running medal I received in the Hunter Valley, remembered the feeling of achieving that. I then planned our post run recovery meal with family and friends. It will be a celebration of so many things happening right now, but most of all completing the run.  Next week I will worry about the event and the last minute preparations needed but for now, I’m focusing on a quiet night in the hotel tomorrow night with my foam roller, a big pasta dinner and having the bed all to myself. Sleep, food and self care are going to get me over the line on Sunday.  So when you are doubting yourself, refocus on what the first step is to achieve your goal. What are the little things you need to do first? What steps can you take to act on that mini goal first? You can do it.

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