What Mums Really Want

Despite being a mum myself, I sometimes forget the simple things that mums really want. With Mother’s Day just last month I noticed that memes were going up on Facebook asking for things like 1 hour alone, going to the bathroom without an audience and sleep. So kids and husbands listen up. Mum doesn’t need an appliance or an expensive gift. She just wants some time for herself.  So what are the best ways to give mum that time to care for herself?

  • Relaxation

A big hit during Mothers Day was our gift packages which included a Remedial Massage Gift Voucher. Mums just wanted 1 hour to be spent on them without the interruption of kids, house work or their phones. They were given the gift of this 1 hour and walked out feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another week with the family. Secretly, mum is missing the family the whole time.

  • Peace and Quiet

During our Outdoor Group Training sessions I like to play background music, mainly for myself as I like to dance. One day I left the speakers at home. I apologised and surprisingly the mums said how nice it was as they never have any quiet time at home. I guess we forget how loud our lives can get with little people, big people, televisions, mobile phones, musical toys and the radio. When all of that is switched off we just get a little peace and quiet.

  • Adult Conversation

Now as mums we say we crave adult conversation but when we all get together, what do we talk about? Kids! I know my conversation usually revolves around poo stories and what gorgeous thing Blake has done this week. So our new version of adult conversation becomes finding other women that can relate to our poo stories and find support with one another.

  • To Lose Weight

Well this is one was more like ‘to lose weight but still eat chocolate and drink wine’. We are all working on the losing weight part together during our 12 week challenge. Some of the mums have given up chocolate and wine but still occasionally indulge as a treat. We are helping support mums in this goal by providing fitness classes where they can bring the kids along too. At Evolution Health Services we want to do as much as we can to help mums get what they want.

If you are a mum and need some help to get what you want, then Contact us to see how we can help.

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