What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

Today’s blog has been written by our Remedial Massage Therapist, Rebecca Shaw. She shares details of the new technique she is bringing to her Remedial Massage Treatments to provide better results for her clients. Rebecca has been a Remedial Massage Therapist since 2012 and enjoys working with those clients suffering from conditions impacting the lymphatic system, as well as women during pregnancy and anyone looking to relieve pain as a result of work, training or every day life stresses. 


Over the past 18 months I have been developing a passion for manual lymphatic drainage after hearing the benefits it has on the body from a fellow Massage Therapist. As she has now retired, she was also looking to pass on her knowledge as she knew the need for this skill to continue was great. We worked together to share knowledge, skills and work on my technique. Recently I attended formal training to put it all together in context and develop a greater understanding of how manual lymphatic drainage could help. I have more confidence in know why techniques are performed in a light, gentle motion and times when it should be avoided. I am pleased to announce it has now been added to my Remedial Massage Treatments and I can offer it to you at Evolution Health Services.


What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage?


Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specific type of massage which is used to encourage the natural drainage of the Lymph fluid. This fluid carries waste and proteins away from the tissues through the lymph nodes, where it is cleansed and is returned to the blood circulatory system. Lymph movement is very slow it only pumps 1 pump every 6 seconds, so MLD massage is performed slowly and softly. Only 10lts of lymphatic fluid goes back through the heart every 7 days. After a MLD massage the lymph movement is speed up to 1 pump per 1 second, and 20lts of lymph fluid goes back through the heart in 24hrs and can last up to 7 days.

Due to the slower nature of the treatment and that it works with the whole body, I recommend a 90 minute Remedial Massage Consultation for your first appointment. Following your initial appointment, I will make recommendations for your ongoing treatment plan. This will include recommendations on the duration of each session and frequency of treatments. I will also provide you with information to support you between treatments to greater enhance the benefits to your body.


Who is Manual Lymphatic Drainage good for?


Manual lymphatic drainage can be used to treat lots of conditions such as:

  • Post-surgery – to assist in preventing scaring and enable the body to remove unwanted fluid.
  • Pre-surgery- for softening and relaxing tissues that need to be operated on.
  • Edemas (oedema) – sprained ankles and other post traumatic conditions, with the immediate application of RICE therapy in conjunction with MLD.
  • Lymphoedema (primary and secondary)
  • Sinusitis / Hay Fever
  • Breast surgery (segmental, simple or total)
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology (eczema, acne vulgaris, seborrhoea, psoriasis)
  • Aesthetically (wrinkles)
  • Scarring
  • Gastroenterology (constipation and digestive disorders)
  • Neurology (migraines, strokes)
  • Orthopedy
  • Rheumatology (musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders)
  • Edema during pregnancy
  • Post-surgical conditions
  • Bronchitis (asthma and allergies affecting breathing)


Who should avoid Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

  • Acute inflammation caused by bacteria, viruses, poisons, or allergens.
  • Malignant tumours
  • Phlebitis, DVT and Thrombosis (acute venous disease)
  • Heart valve insufficiency or asthma due to heart problems
  • Very low blood pressure
  • Localized skin changes
  • Sclerosis in a specific area – cervical artery


I hope this information has been helpful to find out if Manual Lymphatic Drainage is right for you. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is my new passion and I have seen the results working already on a few of my clients. If you would like to book, click here to Book Online for Remedial Massage or Contact Us if you have any further questions. Hopefully I will see you on my massage table soon for a new massage experience.

Rebecca Shaw
Remedial Massage Therapist

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