Tips and After Care for Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Tips and After Care for Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Tips and After Care for Manual Lymphatic Drainage


During a manual lymphatic drainage session, the lymph flow increases significantly.

You may experience some reactions while your body goes through a self-healing process after your session.

These include – frequent visits to the toilet, runny nose and/or cough, perspiration, deep sleep or difficulty sleeping and vivid dreams. Conditions which have been suppressed may temporarily be flared up also.

These should only last about 24-48 hours and are positive signs that your body is re balancing itself and responding to the treatment.


After Care for MLD

  • loosen tight clothing to encourage lymph flow
  • increase water intake for the next few days
  • reduce caffeine intake
  • avoid hot baths or showers for at least 2 hours
  • avoid alcohol for 24 hours either side of your session time
  • make time to rest and relax helping blood pressure to normalise, it has probably dropped during the session
  • eat light, raw foods
  • Like exercise, make bodywork a part of your regular routine for good health.
  • Drink warm water in the morning -the addition of some lemon juice helps to alkalise the body.
  • Deep Breathing helps to circulate the blood and lymph and oxygenate the blood.
  • Breathe in slowly through your nose, deep down into the belly causing it to rise. Then slowly breathe out through the mouth. Do this for 5-10 repetitions. Repeat during the day, especially when you are feeling tired.
  • Place hands in the hollow area on each side of the lower back, between the hips and the ribs. Palms are placed on the body, direction is not important. Imagine energy is running through your hands and into your kidneys. Relax and breathe deeply and leave your hands there for a few minutes. It helps to energise you and takes some stress off the kidneys. It helps with hydration also. Energising your kidneys helps them deal with the increased metabolic waste that is released during and after your session.Energise Kidneys – to support kidneys and help with metabolic waste release.

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  Cool Facts about MLD

  • There is about 6-10 litres of lymph in the body compared to 3.5-5 litres of blood
  • About 1.5 -3 litres of lymph circulates around the body in a day – after MLD this increases to 10-20 litres circulated in a day for up to 3 days after MLD
  • The Lymph system is like the bodies waste disposal system, collecting and clearing out metabolic wastes:
    • It picks up excess fluid and proteins preventing toxic shock.
    • Helps to transport cells around the body to localise infection.
    • Carries food components from the small intestines to the blood circulation.
    • Proteins can enter the tissues and these need to be removed by the lymphatic system.
    • This is the only way trapped proteins can be removed. Swelling often occurs if they remain trapped in the tissues – diuretics do not work on removing trapped proteins.
    • These proteins accumulate due to low physical activity, poor diet, excess of toxicity Stress and ageing.


Tips to help keep your lymphatic fluid moving after your session:

  • Use a small mini trampoline bouncer. It can work wonders to help move lymph around the body. Only 10-15 mins per day is all you need.
  • Dry body brushing can be used to promote lymphatic drainage. It will help to improve immunity, refresh the skin and reduce cellulite.
  • Before showering use a dry, natural bristle brush. Use light strokes as lymph sits just under the skin. See diagram for direction of brushing. It is important to follow these areas as lymph flows in certain directions and towards certain lymph nodes. You can then use hot/cold therapy in the shower by alternating hot and cold water every 90 seconds. Do this for several minutes. This increases circulation and boosts immune function and metabolism.
  • Avoid tight fitting underwear and switch to natural skin care products.
  • There are certain foods that can help support your immune system. All red-staining foods such as berries, cherries, pomegranate, cranberries and beets all help to move lymph. Beets in particular help to thin the bile and are highly beneficial. Bile helps to digest the good fats and eliminate the bad fats. It is responsible for about 80% of the immune response in the gut and also helps to regulate the stool.

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It is important to let me know if you experience anything painful during or after your session, so I can modify your sessions accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

By keeping me informed I can ensure you get the treatment that is tailored to your needs.

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