The Number 1 Reason Our Massage Clients Visit Us

The Number 1 Reason Our Massage Clients Visit Us

I have been a Massage Therapist for a long time. I have also spent a number of years as a Workers Comp Case Manager. Whilst here I learned to pick up on trends with injuries. I also had a good idea about the treatment required for these injured workers returning to work.  Now at Evolution Health Services, I use these skills to pick up trends in why our massage clients visit us. Lately I’ve noticed a big one. Can you guess the number 1 reason our massage clients visit us?

It’s something we all do and is pretty necessary for bringing in money. It’s work! Pain due to work postures, sitting, lifting and standing long hours are the main reason our clients seek massage. With Remedial Massage we can target the areas of your body most effected by work.

What can you do to help?
  • Stretch and Rest Breaks: We have developed a stretch chart to put up at your desk,workstation or in the lunchroom, as a reminder to care for your body. Download a copy here or pick up a copy from Reception.
  • Exercise: Grab your sneakers at lunchtime and go for a walk. Fresh air is good for your body and mind. It’ll help beat those 3pm cravings and keep you more productive.
  • Review your workstation: Check your posture while at your desk. Simple additions like foot rests, laptop stands and wireless keyboards may help improve the way you are sitting.
  • Check your manual handling technique: Many people are aware of the need to bend your knees when lifting heavy but how do you lift light items or bend to work at different levels? I often witness people tucking their butt under when lifting and bending. It puts additional pressure on the lumbar spine so don’t be afraid to stick your butt out. It’ll protect your lower back for many more lifts to come.
  • Review your diet: Monitoring what you are eating at work is important to maintain a healthy weight. I often joked in my office job about getting “Insurance Ass”. An expanding of the butt as a result of drinking alcohol, 3pm coke/chocolate breaks and being too tired to exercise. Don’t let your work stress take over.

If you find that work is causing you pain, contact us to see how Remedial Massage can help. Book Online Now

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