The Mission To Find An Amazing Massage Therapist

In October 2014 I decided that I was going to run the 2015 New York Marathon. This had been a dream of mine since 2003, and finally I was determined to make it a reality. The New York Marathon will be my 4th Marathon. I have officially been running for 20 years and in that time have done countless fun runs from 5km all the way through to a full marathon (42.2km). To clarify when I say running, I mean faster than walking pace. I started running at 19 years old, when for me it was an effort to just run from 1 electricity pole to the next. I built my fitness up and before I knew it I was running fun runs. At the time 5km felt like a marathon. Even now when looking back I still surprise myself to realise how far I have come. What I have learnt along the way is that to be a successful runner, you need to look after yourself. This is more than just eating well and doing exercise. If you are consistently asking your body to perform at a level beyond what your usual activities are, you need to make sure you are giving yourself the right care. Over the last 20 years I have learnt when you don’t look after yourself, you pay the consequences and get injured. Injuries I have had include, shin splints, torn harmstring, and sprained ankle. This led me on the mission to find an amazing massage therapist. I knew when I decided to run the 2015 New York Marathon I needed to have a good support team surrounding me to ensure my body was well looked after and that I could not only do well in the marathon but also still maintain my health and fitness as a mum of 2 young boys (aged 3 and 1) and a business owner. For me it was critical to find a decent remedial massage therapist and schedule regular appointments. So I tried my usual ways of locating local services to solve my problems. I let my fingers do the walking and went straight to Google. I searched for remedial massage therapist Campbelltown. I called 2 massage therapists. Neither one returned my calls. I was feeling deflated. As a business owner, I had recently joined a networking group. I was fortunate to meet Melissa Woodward (formerly Melissa Malone) from Evolution Health Services at a Networking Meeting. At the time she was conducting remedial massage appointments from home. A fully qualified massage therapist plus several years experience working with Osteos and Physiotherapists. I was excited. After my first appointment I was impressed. One of the big differences in good massage therapists and those who give relaxation massages is their knowledge of the human body and their ability to help identify pain points and potential injuries and help prevent them before they occur. Melissa listened to my concerns and identified my pain points with precision (and yes at times it wasn’t pretty). Melissa is an integral part of my training program now. I see her every 3 weeks and I look forward to each session working through my aches, pains and niggles and the best part, the most amazing night’s sleep that night. Through each session Melissa and I chat about business and life. I mentioned to her in my first appointment my difficulty in finding a good quality massage therapist. It is one thing to be ranking well on Google, but it is entirely another to actually follow through with good quality service that will actually get you the business. I am very fortunate to have since had the opportunity to help educate her on how to improve her digital presence so she can be found and then deliver great customer service. She is now located in the heart of Campbelltown opposite Campbelltown Mall in her very own business premises on Queen Street. She is very inspirational. I am fortunate now to consider her as an essential part of my marathon training team, my business inspiration and my circle of friends. If you need a good massage therapist, do yourself a favour and get to know Melissa WoodwardSerena ‘dot’ Ryan loves running and is a big fan of Forest Gump and John Bingham a.k.a. ‘The Penguin’ (“Waddle on Friends”). When Serena is not running marathons she loves training Small Business Owners in how to use Digital Marketing Tools. 

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