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Online Fitness Coaching Terms and Conditions

Online Fitness Coaching Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Member of our Strong Mums Online Fitness Coaching Program delivered by Evolution Health Group Pty Ltd T/as Evolution Health Services. 

Below we have outlined the terms and conditions of your membership and registration for the Strong Mums Online Fitness Coaching Program. By accepting these terms and conditions, you agree to abide by all rules in place or risk termination of access to the program. 

By agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined below, you are given personal access to the content delivered by Evolution Health Services and agree that you will not share, distribute or replicate the content for commercial use. 

Evolution Health Group Pty Ltd reserves the right to change, alter or remove terms and conditions within this agreement at any time without notice and without liability.

By selecting that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions on the registration page you agree to abide by all terms outlined below. 



    Upon registration, you will be asked to provide Personal Information required to identify you as a member of the program. All information is stored on our secure server and all possible efforts are made to ensure security of personal information.

    As you will also be requested to complete a Pre-exercise questionnaire with personal medical information, we are bound by confidentiality and will not share or discuss your medical conditions with your health providers unless permission received in writing from you directly. 

    We will never share your personal information with a third party, unless permission provided directly from you as the member and owner of the information. 


    Conduct in Closed Coaching Group

    As a member of the Strong Mums Online Fitness Coaching Program, you will be invited to join our Closed Facebook Group. The privacy settings have been set to ensure that all information provided by members is not available to the public. 

    We ask that all members refrain from discussing, sharing, taking screenshots and storing any personal information shared by our members. 

    If you believe there has been a breach, please report directly to the group Admin, Melissa Woodward. If you are found to have breached privacy, you will be contacted to discuss further action which may include termination of membership and access to the program.


    Medical Waiver & Liability

    As a Member of the Strong Mums Online Fitness Coaching Program, you acknowledge that all information provided in the program does not replace medical advice and should not be used to override medical guidelines in place. 

    We will ask you to complete a pre-exercise questionnaire to help us assist with providing the best possible information for your fitness, health and medical status. Ongoing, you are asked to discuss all medical concerns and recommendations with your Coach so that appropriate adjustments can be made to your program. 

    Evolution Health Group Pty Ltd does not accept liability for any injury or medical condition which has occurred as a result of following the program. 


    Cancellation Policy

    All fees for access to the Strong Mums Online Fitness Coaching is paid at the time of registration for 1 month in advance. Ongoing Payments for the subscription will be deducted on the same date each month.

    You are not bound by any minimum Contract terms for the program and you can cancel access to the program at any time. 

    Cancellation is available at any time by signing into My Account and cancelling your account. Changes will occur immediately and access will be terminated upon cancellation, therefore we recommend taking cancellation action at the end of the period already paid.


    Refund Policy

    Evolution Health Group Pty Ltd agrees to provide a refund of fees paid if we are unable to provide the program as outlined. 

    Refunds are not given for change of mind or lack of use of the program. It is your responsibility to actively participate in the program and communicate any issues as they arise. 

    Evolution Health Group Pty Ltd makes no guarantee of the outcomes of the program and will not provide a refund if you do not achieve your desired result.

    Membership is not transferable to another member or potential member. 

    About our Fees

    You agree to pay the monthly subscription fee of $132.00 AUD at the time of initial registration and recurring payments on the same date each month. All fees quoted for the Strong Mums Online Fitness Coaching Program are inclusive of GST and will be collected as required by Australian Law. 

    Initial and Recurrent Payments are made via our secure online payment platform, Stripe. A valid credit/debit card is required to complete all payments. We require that all details are kept up to date and failure to maintain payments may result in suspension or termination of access until rectified. 


    Intellectual Property & Copyright

    Strong Mums Online Fitness Coaching Program © Evolution Health Group Pty Ltd 2019. All rights reserved.

    You acknowledge and agree that all content, coding, graphics, and Information available on this Site is protected by copyright, other intellectual property rights and laws and remains the property of Evolution Health Group Pty Ltd.

    No part of the Information may be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed in any form or manner without Evolution Health Group Pty Ltd prior written consent. 


    Delivery of the Program

    Evolution Health Group Pty Ltd agrees to make all content available via the online platform. Access is available by signing into My Account. You will also have additional access to the Closed Facebook Group for additional coaching and support. 

    If you experience any issue with accessing the content, please contact us immediately so we can rectify the issue. 

    If you forget your Username or Password, head to the My Account sign in page and follow the instructions to retrieve your password. You will have received an initial email with your username and password upon registration. 


    Termination of Access

    If payment of ongoing subscription is not made as per the terms of this agreement, access to the online platform and associated Facebook Group will be terminated until payment has been made or issues rectified.

    If you are found to be in breach of any of the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement, eg. copyright or sharing intellectual property, your access will be terminated, ongoing payments terminated and no refund will be issued for payments made to date.