6 Reasons Why Peita is Awesome

Meet Peita!

She is one of our original clients and has achieved so much in the time we have known her. We thought we would share her success story so far. Despite the weight loss (which we will get to), Peita has gained so much more from creating a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. She’s strong, she’s fit, she’s healthy and she’s well on her way to getting her confidence back. We think she is pretty awesome and we want to share with you why.

6 Reasons Why Peita is Awesome:

  • Committed

Even before Peita started with us she made the decision to change her life and take control again. My favourite thing she told me when starting with us was that she was doing workouts from You Tube in her loungeroom to get fit. This shows she was committed to get started and would do it on her own if needed. She now writes her own workouts for home and purchased her own equipment so that on days she can’t make it or the kids are sick, she makes up for the missed session at home.

  • Hard worker

Despite telling us she can’t run or do push ups or burpees, she is doing them. She tries everything that we ask of her and we have seen the improvement in her fitness along the way. The next step is for her to acknowledge how much she can do now.

  • Follows our advice

Peita was asked to be the subject of my nutrition consultation assessment for my Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics For Personal Trainers. We spent a good hour going through the initial questionnaire, finding out about her current diet and her lifestyle. We looked at meal timings and I provided her with some changes to keep her energy levels up before training to stop her feeling sick. Afterwards, I sent her my recommendations and she followed my advice. She felt better and the weight loss continued. Peita is never afraid to ask questions and seek help when she needs it.

  • No Excuse Mum

Peita is a single mum of two gorgeous kids. She made the decision to prioritise her own health, all while making sure they get to their own sports too. We welcome kids to our sessions so Peita brings them along on days when they are not at school or childcare. Sometimes the kids are picky with their meals but she still makes sure that they eat healthy foods, mixed in with some treats. She also prepares herself healthy meals and prepares ahead of time if she will be at training.

  • Role Model – To Other Mums

Now not only is a she a No Excuse Mum, she has become a role model for the other mums in the group who can see her changing before their eyes. They admire her hard work and praise her even when she is being humble about her achievements. She gets self conscious that people are going to think she has a big head but honestly she deserves all the praise she receives.

  • Role Model – To Her Children

Peita’s children have benefited from the change in her and the example she is setting for them. Her 4 year old daughter recently started instructing her little friends on how to do their exercises. She demonstrated mountain climbers, squats, planks and even came out with a Metafit move, the Spider Plank. At training this little girl is so shy and quiet but she is taking in all that we are teaching her mum. Her 8 year old son has also joined into many workouts and we even wrote him a special birthday workout. We loved hearing one day when nanny offered him chocolate, he said he would prefer something a little healthier. Great habits being formed from an early age. Now for the moment you have been waiting for. Peita has lost 27kgs over the past year with consistent effort and commitment to her health. She has set a goal for the next next 12 weeks to get her next goal weight. She has also set a goal to increase her fitness to participate in a mud run or similar event. Well Peita the challenge is on!  Congratulations to Peita on her achievement so far.

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