Sisters doin’ it for themselves

Photo – Top Row: Taken 23 June 2014Photo – Bottow Row: Taken 8 August 2015   My story start 3 years ago. I was getting married and wanted to feel great on my day. Well I didn’t, I loved my dress and the day and at the time I felt ok, not great but ok. I had an amazing day and was very happy.

I then started trying to have a baby. After some tests, I was told I was borderline type 2 diabetic and had PCOS. The OBGYN told me I would need to lose weight before I could have a baby and would be at least 1 year of hard work. At 123kgs, little did we know I was already pregnant.

When I found out I was pregnant with my baby I was so excited and then my sister told me she was having a baby too and it was an awesome. By 15 weeks I was showing signs of Gestational Diabetes and sure enough I had it. By 17 weeks I was on injections and following a strict gestational diabetes diet. Testing my levels 4 times a day and injecting myself with insulin 4 times a day was not fun. It was hard but I tried so hard to follow the diet and do my needles even though it drove me to tears. Many times no matter how hard I tried my sugar levels kept playing up and my insulin levels kept getting higher. But I worked hard and I had my gorgeous (little) baby boy! I had lost 10kgs while I was pregnant.

When I moved back to Campbelltown and my sister had her baby, and we wanted to get back into the gym and exercise. Then Melissa and Tristan started their business.

I trained at the gym with Mel, then Mel and Tristan in their garage and I was introduced to Metafit. Wow what an introduction. Then outdoors… In winter…… It was cold but this is where #shitgetsreal

Now just over a year on I am still training. I am now almost in the double digits (fingers crossed after this weigh in) but I am so much fitter and stronger then I have been since having my daughter 12 years ago, probably even before that. My husband has never known me at this weight. I am 10kgs lighter now than when I met him.

My motivation is my kids and my husband. I want to be happy, fit and healthy for them and for ME. I train so hard so I don’t get type 2 diabetes or other health issues that go along with being overweight. I have just had tests done, I am no longer even close to having diabetes and there is no evidence I have PCOS.  I’m not perfect but Mel and Tristan are there for me to help and support me when I have a bad day or week. They have kept me focused and motivated to work towards my goals and a healthier lifestyle and to teach my kids a better way. The group we have is so supportive. It’s great to be working towards our goals together. These girls are amazing.

I can’t say enough about our trainers. They are amazing. There is no yelling but they know how to motivate us and push us. I can now run over 1km and never thought I could, but they did. I am excited to work towards my next running and other goals. I couldn’t even jog 50ms when I started.

If you are looking to get healthy and be part of a fantastic group then come and join us. We love to welcome new members and make our group bigger.  Well some fantastic news since Kerrianne shared this story with me. She is now under 100kgs which was a major milestone for her. During the 12 Week Challenge, she lost 6kgs and 20cms in her measurements. Awesome work Kez, we are proud of your hard work and the results speak for themselves. If you would like to join the next 12 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, head to for more info or to register today. 

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