Secret Women’s Business

Women like to talk and share many things with one another but it I have discovered there is one thing that is still a little taboo to talk about. I want to look into some secret women’s business and get women talking about this important topic, incontinence.  We have seen the silly ads for incontinence pads and know that sneezing, laughing or coughing can result in leaking. But do you know if your best girlfriend is suffering in silence? I discovered someone close to me had been suffering through this for over 10 years. Even when she started training with us, there was never any mention of how bad it was or how long she had been experiencing issues. She had spoken to her GP about it before but was told that there was nothing she could do. I was horrified when I heard this as I knew there was most certainly something you can do.  It became my mission to locate a specialised Womens Health Physiotherapist in the area to get the girls some help. I came across Paige Beveridge from Bounce Back Physiotherapy on Facebook. I chatted with her and exchanged emails. She offered to provide the group with a free information session about the pelvic floor and how she can help. We all received a wonderful goodie bag with important information about women’s health. All of our clients who come into Personal Training or Outdoor Group Training are required to complete a pre-exercise questionnaire which covers the topics that Fitness Australia and our insurer deem to be appropriate. I go beyond the form and ask questions about their pregnancy and recovery. Tt has always been a passion of mine to ensure that women recover well from pregnancy. I have heard horror stories and see so many women expecting to head straight back into what they did before and how they looked before. Reality is not always fun and pretty but there is the right help available. If you experience any issues with incontinence, whether it is during exercise or when you sneeze, please ask for help. If you get the right advice early, it can save you years of frustration. Speak to your GP for a referral to a Women’s Health Physiotherapist. If you are local to Narellan, please see Paige.  Bounce Back PhysiotherapyPaige BeveridgePh: 02 4648 1669e: [email protected]

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