School Holiday Workout with the Kids

School Holiday Workout with the Kids

​It’s that time again where the kids are at home for the ​​school holidays and you are looking for something to keep them occupied. Instead of ​leaving them with the TV and iPad every day, why not go outside and try our school holiday workout with the kids.  Personal Training for kids does not need to be complex. The best exercises for kids involve fun. Like walking like a bear, or jumping like a frog. They are simple exercises without the need for equipment. Bodyweight exercises use so many more muscles in the body and are sure to get them ready for their afternoon nap.   Exercises to try with the kids:

  • Bear Crawls

Get your whole body working with this fun move. Many of our mums don’t enjoy this one at first but always report how many muscles are sore the next day. A good sore from being worked. Get the kids moving around the yard or park. To add a challenge, get them to try bear walking backwards.

  • Gorillas​

Have fun with the kids by lining them up and having races. Who is the fastest gorilla in your family. Watch our quick video to show you the movement. Click here

  • Crab Walk

Another fun one to get the kids in a silly position and working many muscles. Check out our video to see how it’s done. Click here

  • Frog Jumps

Jump around like a frog. Feet out wide, squat down low and jump with your hands between your legs. Try jumping as high they can or who can jump the farthest.

  • Squats

A basic movement of many of our workouts is the squat. Kids are great at squats. They always get into the right position and don’t have to think to hard about it.

  • Burpees

You may dislike burpess but this is another exercise kids are great at. No matter how you get down to the ground, as long as you get down and back to standing. Add a jump for a bit more fun and get that heart racing.   With all exercises with kids, there does not need to be a specific rep count or number of sets. Just keep going until they are tired or bored and move to the next. Just keep it simple and fun.  We run Family Fun Days around Holiday periods and Public Holidays. These days are designed to involve the whole family in your workouts. Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for details of our next day. Also you are welcome to bring the kids along to your next training session with us. See how much they enjoy working out too. Contact us now to book your space.

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