Saying Yes To The Dress

In just under 12 months, Kristina gets to walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams. At the time of their proposal, she was already on a journey to get fit, healthy and thinking of a future of becoming a mum. She wanted to make sure her body was feeling great, moving well and was strong. Once she said “Yes” things got serious and it was time to Say Yes to The Dress. Kristina started as part of our Outdoor Group Training Classes. She is now one of our Personal Training Clients and added a 1 hour PT session per week to the program. She chose her wedding dress and wanted to step up her game to make sure she could fit into the dress she has purchased. It didn’t fit at the time she bought the dress but this just added to her determination. When we first commenced Personal Training with Kristina, she was working her butt off and seeing limited results. We changed her training and nothing moved. We got her to complete food diaries and reviewed everything she was sharing with us. She had a great meal plan for the week and generally stuck to it. There was no simple reason for her to have no weight loss.  As a Personal Trainer, we take it personally when our clients don’t get results. I had previously written a blog, Why are you not losing weight? The blog covered some more complex reasons as to why people were not losing weight, despite all their efforts. Kristina took herself to the doctor and after some testing it was discovered she had Insulin Resistance and required medication.  Once she commenced medication, her body kicked into gear and the weight started falling off. With continued healthy eating, exercise and medication, she has now lost a total of 16kgs. And most importantly her wedding dress fits wonderfully. Now we all have to wait another 11 months to see her in the dress to fully understand the impact her results have on her dream wedding. With so many months to spare, she has made it and we are very proud. If you are truly honest with yourself about your diet, exercise and are not seeing any results, please speak to your doctor about what could be happening in your body. It could be a simple fix and you too could be well on your way to reaching your goals.  

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