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Does the idea of trying a new massage therapist concern you? Worried that I may not have enough experience or knowledge to assist with your health issue? I’ll begin by saying that I completely understand your fears, however, there are several benefits of a new massage therapist that you may not have considered. I’ve put together a few points to help ease some of your concerns, by giving you an insight into the level of training and experience I’ve achieved so far.

  • I studied full time for an 18 month period to successfully pass at a diploma level qualification. Learning not only massage techniques, but how to assess, treat and provide aftercare for every client.
  • I’ve completed over 200+ hours of hands on training on a  range of different people. Including the elderly in a nursing home, weekly treatments on the Wanderers soccer team, clients with chronic disease and pain such as Multiple Sclerosis.
  • My knowledge and learning are the most current and up to date techniques available. This will give you the opportunity to treat your pain or muscle tension in a way you may not have been treated before, potentially giving you an improved result.
  • I work alongside 3 other massage therapists who all have many years of experience. They provide a lot of support and are available to answer my questions and offer their knowledgeable advice.
  • I’m passionate about the incredible benefits massage can bring to your overall health and well-being. Such as reducing stress and anxiety, muscle tension and pain, improving flexibility and posture, relief from headaches, enhancing your athletic performance and improving recovery time. So not only is massage giving you the opportunity for some self-care that’s enjoyable but also incredibly beneficial for your health.

So while I may be a ‘new’ massage therapist, I have worked incredibly hard to ensure my knowledge and experience will provide you with a great treatment, and leave you feeling much better than when you arrived. So if you or someone you know is dealing with on-going pain, persistent headaches or daily stress and anxiety, why not consider a remedial massage to improve your overall well-being. 

To make an appointment or purchase a gift voucher, please visit our website and give yourself the opportunity for some self-care.