Remedial Massage Luxury or Necessity?

Remedial Massage Luxury or Necessity?

Remedial Massage is it a luxury or a necessity?

I have been a Remedial massage therapist for 7 years I can’t even count the amount of times I have heard people say massage is a luxury or just for pampering. So I wanted to shed some light on the area and the importance of regular massage.

Massage can be just for pampering if you choose a relaxation massage and want to spoil yourself. Most of the time massage is a necessity for people, due to stress or the type of job you do, sport you play, the daily grind, carrying a baby inside your body, or for your body’s well being. The importance of having regular massage is huge.

I have a lot of clients and if you are one of them you will of heard what I’m about to say: Maintenance massage – Maintenance massage is as important as a service on your car! If you don’t service your car it will not run properly and you will eventually break down.

Do you put fuel, water/ oil, in your car? Change your break pads or book it in for a regular service? For the majority of you the answer is yes, for those of you that don’t own a car – do you eat and drink? Yes then you are half way to servicing yourself. Do you get your nails done, colour your hair, cut your hair? Yes than these are all services you are doing for your body and yourself. All of the things I have listed have to be maintained, so why not book regular maintenance massages? Why do you have to wait until your body is screaming at you in pain to listen to it and book a massage.

I advise all my clients to have regular maintenance massages every 4-6 weeks even if you feel okay. Because the years of experience I have, every time I get these regular maintenance massage clients on the table even if they tell me they feel fine I will find something you didn’t know was there. It was there it’s just that there is so much going on in our lives that we don’t hear our body telling us until it is too late.

These maintenance massages are not just for remedial clients, it is for pregnancy, lymphatic drainage, chronic pain, and sports clients as well. This also applies to the clients that don’t book ahead and get upset when they can’t get an appointment the same day or time they want. Booking regular appointments guarantees you will get the time, date you would prefer.

Take the time to invest in your body as it has to last you a life time, if you put away $22.50 a week for monthly massages, or $15 a week for 6 weekly massages you can prolong the life of your body and have less stress trying to fork out the $90 straight up for your massage. If you are in a health fund then it will be even less to put away for your massages. I don’t just recommend these maintenance massages to make money off you, It’s because I care about your health, and so should you. That’s why I am in the health care profession.

If this blog has opened your eyes to the advantages of regular maintenance massages Book Online to help stay on top of your health and well being.