How Often To Have a Pregnancy Massage

How Often To Have a Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is one of our big passions here at Evolution Health Services. We aim to help women enjoy a more comfortable pregnancy experience. When our pregnant clients first experience Pregnancy Massage, their next question is ‘how often should I be having a pregnancy massage?’. There is never a standard answer for this as it depends on each individual experience. We will aim to work with you to create your very own Pregnancy Massage Treatment Plan to guide you through your pregnancy. As a general guide, we recommend the following frequency for Pregnancy Massage.

First Trimester (0-13 weeks)

Pregnancy Massage in the first trimester is often a debated topic as there is so much misinformation and fear around massage in the first trimester. We need to remember that Massage is just touch. We are touched all the time by our partners or children and there is not a cause for concern to our unborn babies. Where care needs to be taken is where there is a high risk circumstance that might preclude you from having a massage. Our trained Massage Therapists will also be able to guide you through any fear, position you safely and avoid any areas that are required.

In the early stages of pregnancy, massage frequency will be dependent on how you are feeling. Often aches and pains from pregnancy do not start this early but fatigue has well and truly set in. Many pregnant women are still working in the early stages so aches and pains could be related to work postures. Also if you experience morning sickness, we can help to relieve the tension that develops in the chest, diaphragm and upper abdomen as a result of frequent vomiting. We would recommend seeing you every 4-6 weeks during this time or as required.

Second Trimester (14-27 weeks)

During the second trimester you will start to feel the impact of hormones and the postural changes of your growing belly. It’s the time where ligaments are relaxing and muscles are tightening to compensate. You will start to experience lower back pain, hips aches and pelvic pain. You are likely to begin sleeping on your side now, so aching down the sides of legs or shoulder pain are likely to occur too. Now that you are feeling better you might get back into exercise so helping with any post exercise muscle soreness is another benefit of treatment.

During this period we recommend seeing clients every 3-4 weeks. We also give tips to self manage between treatments to keep you active, at work and feeling great.

Third Trimester (28+ weeks)

By the beginning of the third trimester you will well and truly be feeling pregnant. This is the most popular time women start to come and see us. Mostly because they have been able to manage themselves. But usually because they have just been dealing with the pain and didn’t know where to get help. Regular massage earlier in pregnancy helps to keep these third trimester aches at bay. Also if you are able to be active, strength training can help prevent the severity of lower back and hip pain during the whole pregnancy.

By this stage we recommend receiving fortnightly pregnancy massage. The load your body is under has increased significantly from the first trimester and your baby is developing at a great rate. It’s amazing to think back and realise it wasn’t that long ago your watermelon was once a poppy seed. You have made it so far and the end is in sight. We would love to see you breeze through these final months and enjoy the jiggling bub inside your tummy.

The Final Stages (36+ weeks)

We are often asked how far into pregnancy you can have massage and you can have it all the way up to labour. If you have a caring partner who can help, you may even be lucky enough to get a massage in the delivery ward. While pregnancy massage in the last weeks of pregnancy is not guaranteed to bring on labour, it can help to relax the body and mind in preparation for childbirth. As your Massage Therapists are also mums we are here to listen to your fears and empower you to believe that you can do it. We have held the same or similar fears in our own circumstances so while we work to relax your body, you can release those fears and settle the mind. In the weeks leading up to your due date, we often see mums-to-be on a weekly basis. The aim in the final weeks is to help relieve those aching muscles to help you sleep better at night so you are well rested.


We send you the very best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy. We are here to help if you need advice about preventing or relieving pain throughout your pregnancy. Let us create a Pregnancy Massage Treatment Plan for your needs. Book Online today.