Pregnancy Massage. Is it safe?

Pregnancy Massage. Is it safe?

Are you currently pregnant and wondering if it’s safe to get a pregnancy massage? Have you heard so many different answers you don’t know what to believe? Do you look around at all the Massage Therapists in Campbelltown and wonder who to choose? I have had many women ask if it is safe to get a massage while pregnant and the simple answer is yes it is, if provided by a qualified massage therapist.

Pregnancy Massage is the use of massage techniques for either relaxation or specific painful areas (also called Remedial Massage). Relaxation Pregnancy Massage focuses on providing a nurturing, flowing and gentle treatment to put your mind and body at ease. Pregnancy Remedial Massage focuses on addressing areas of pain and discomfort experienced throughout pregnancy.

Evolution Health Services aims to provide Pregnancy Massage that offers both. By utilising our knowledge of the changing body throughout pregnancy, we aim to provide a firm massage which addresses the aches and pains of pregnancy, while providing a relaxing experience for the mum to be. We provide options for safe positioning during all stages of pregnancy and treat women from their first trimester, all the way to full term.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

  • Relief from back pain, muscle aches and tension from your growing and changing body.
  • Promotes overall relaxation within the mind and body, reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Helps you to become pain free to allow you to continue to care for your children or work as long as you wish.
  • Improves your level of comfort and allows you to sleep longer when you need it most.
  • The opportunity to connect with another mum and ask questions about pregnancy and motherhood

Frequently Asked Questions About Pregnancy Massage

Will Pregnancy Massage cause a miscarriage?

There are some concerns as to whether massage will cause miscarriage. This has been a difficult one to study as many miscarriages occur during the first trimester. Even without massage, it’s rarely clear the reason for the miscarriage. Some massage therapists choose to avoid treating a pregnant woman in the first trimester to avoid any liability issues. We treat women in their first trimester if they present with no high risk signs.

Avoidance in the first trimester may also be due to the “morning sickness” experienced during early pregnancy. Some women find that lying face down increases this feeling so we can change position if this occurs.

Does Pregnancy Massage bring on labour?

There is a myth that there are points in the feet that will bring on labour when stimulated. These points require deep, prolonged pressure to be effective. While we do take care around the feet and ankles, we focus on avoiding prolonged pressure. But as with eating spicy foods, drinking castor oil and walking, we never really know what actually starts labour. It comes down to when you and your body are ready.

How do I lay when I have a Pregnancy Massage?

Our tables have options so you can be side lying, in a reclined position or face down in a belly pillow. We decide which position is best depending on your stage of pregnancy. Often you will start by using the belly pillow. Once this is no longer comfortable and you feel pressure on your belly, we switch to side lying. This is no different to the sleeping position many pregnant women adopt.

We may place you in a position where you lay on your back in the early stages. After approximately 20 weeks, we discuss how you feel in this position. We can also place extra bolsters under your hip to shift weight from the major blood vessel. When the weight of the baby is on the blood vessel, it disrupts the blood flow to the baby. You may also experience symptoms of nausea, dizziness and shortness of breath.

Do you Massage my stomach during Pregnancy Massage?

Well for starters this one is up to you. Gentle massage given to the abdomen to relieve gas or constipation. However if you prefer, your massage therapist can guide you through a gentle, bonding massage that you can provide yourself. I rubbed moisturiser on my belly every day, which was mainly to avoid stretch marks. but also became a bonding time with my big belly.


What should you look for when Booking your Pregnancy Massage?


Ideally your massage therapist will be Diploma Qualified with specific training in pregnancy massage. Additional training provides information to the therapist about safe positioning, techniques to avoid, changes occurring in the body. We are aware of conditions to monitor during pregnancy and when medical assistance should be immediately sought. Additional training has become so valuable when caring for our pregnant clients as we know what to look out for, the questions to ask and ensuring that both mum and bub are safe.

You will be asked to complete a medical information form when you book with Evolution Health Service. We will discuss the progress of your pregnancy and ask further questions if there are any areas of concern. Medical clearance may be required if any major concerns present. During the Pregnancy Massage we will check you are comfortable, to communicate your pain levels and to advise any discomfort. We will also ask about anything we may come across which may raise a flag. You are in charge, so make sure you speak up if anything does not feel right for you.


If you are concerned about booking in, always speak to your doctor first. You can give us a call to see how we can help with your specific pain. Alternatively, we can refer you to another appropriate treatment provider. Pregnancy Massage has many benefits to the mind and body, so why suffer with the stress and discomfort?

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