My Three Words for 2017

Last year I set three words to live by in 2016. It was my way of setting a realistic expectations for the year and actions to suit. I recently reviewed my results and I was so impressed with how I had gone. I’ve now prepared my Three Words for 2017 and have started living them from the day they were chosen. FearlessDespite developing confidence, fear still holds me back from seeking out opportunities or putting myself out there. I fear judgment and rejection which I’m sure many can relate. This year I’m working on fearing less, not being without fear completely. It’s more realistic to work on this skill. I’m putting myself out there, not worrying about hearing “No” and exploring ways I can live a life where I’m less afraid.  HonestI’m not a deliberately dishonest person but I know that there are times when I’m not honest with myself. I agree to things without considering myself, I am usually more focused on helping someone else. Honesty also relates to being honest with what I can manage, when I need help and really asking for what I want. With honesty in mind, I ended my relationship with The Healthy Mummy. Not because I didn’t believe in the brand but I honestly could not manage having another profile, brand and group to manage. It was replicating what I was already doing so we said our goodbyes.  BalanceLast year was a major year of growth. Our business grew immensely despite being understaffed and over committed. We know we had to let things slide but now it’s about bringing back the balance. Working reasonable hours per week instead of 10-11 hour days across 6 days per week not including the hours of admin and social media I put in or the days/nights/weekends of building and painting. I also want to balance my own needs with others. Tristan and I are working on a plan to prioritise our fitness and committing to no work on Sundays. We have worked over the last couple of Sundays but as a means to an end. Finishing the massage clinic means that we can put that boundary in place so we get a life too. These three words feel right for me this year and are already leading to feelings of confidence, improved health and empowerment.  If you could choose three words to live by in 2017, what would they be? We would love to hear from you now and at the end of 2017.  Contact us here:Email | [email protected]

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