Meet Your Remedial Massage Therapist

Meet Your Remedial Massage Therapist

This week is Massage Therapy Awareness Week so what better way to start, than to get to know me. So here’s your opportunityto meet your Remedial Massage Therapist – Melissa Woodward.  Let’s start the fun with 10 Things About Me:

1. I have been a Remedial Massage Therapist for almost 13 years. I know what you are thinking, I look so young, how could I have been qualified for so long? I went straight from high school into 2 years at TAFE to learn to be a Remedial Massage Therapist.

2. I thought I wanted to be a Physiotherapist At the end of High School I decided to study massage after graduation. I thought I needed to go to uni and become a Physiotherapist to be able to help people. I fast realised that it was way too late to get a UAI of 99. (I have no idea what the kids are calling it these days but the number you need to get into a Uni Course). I have since discovered I can help people in many ways, sometimes just differently than a Physiotherapist. I was once told by a Physio that I treated like a Physio so that was quite flattering.

3. I was motivated by the idea of Massaging Footy Players Once again an idea in High School, I thought it would be so cool to get to work with hot footy players. Well my “dream” came true in my second year of study and I volunteered with a local Rugby League Club. It was not cool. I chalked it all up to a great experience and moved onto a new dream.

4. I did Massage the Sydney Kings and Shane Heal Yep probably started to show my age but as part of our experience with TAFE, we were given the opportunity to work on Athletes including the Sydney Kings. They were so tall that at times they could have up to 5 students working on them at once. I wish I had photos to share of this.

5. I took a break from Remedial Massage to be a Case Manager You may be asking WHY? Don’t worry, I ask myself the same thing. I had the idea that I understood workers compensation clients as I had treated them. I thought I would be able to help more people get back to work if I was in the insurance company giving them the treatment they needed. It was a very stressful job. Sometimes rewarding, sometimes I was abused but I also made some wonderful friends who probably went in with the same rose coloured glasses to help people.

6. Having a baby got me back into Massage Yep it was after the birth of my gorgeous boy Blake that I decided I wasn’t going back to Case Management and I was going to do what I loved. With plenty of family Guinea Pigs willing to have a massage to brush up on my skills I knew I still had it. I started working with an Osteopath when Blake was 5 months old and eventually we started Evolution Health Services to include Personal Training.

7. I’m also a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritional Coach I saw the benefits of exercise early while working with Physiotherapists so I figured that I should learn about that too. I first studied Fitness in 2003 but finally finished my Certificate 4 in Fitness during my 3rd attempt while pregnant with Blake. At 15 weeks pregnant, completing my practical exam, I knew I better hurry up and finish. Circumstances always got in my way but I am so glad to have persevered and finished. The same week of going back to Massage, looking after my 5 month old and 8 month old nephew, I thought hey why not study nutrition too.

8. “Your hands must get so sore” I hear this statement all of the time but really my hands are the last place that hurts. Usually it is my legs from being on my feet for hours or my back from leaning over a massage table. I have booked myself in for regular massage now too so I take care of my body so it doesn’t hurt.

9. No I don’t really like putting you through pain Many people ask if I like inflicting pain but I really don’t. I really try to balance the hurt with the nice techniques that I know will relax and feel good. Sometimes I need to inflict a little pain where I may look like I am smiling but I am cringing and asking for your forgiveness with my smile.

10. I absolutely love my job I am so passionate about Remedial Massage and regularly get on my high horse about certain topics relating to it but I am so glad that I decided to return to Massage. I am proud of the business we are building and the wonderful people I have been able to help so far. I know that there are plenty more out there that I am yet to help and I cannot wait to meet them too.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to send me an email with your questions:

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