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Since joining the team at a Evolution Health Services, I have been utilising my skills of massage to help relax my clients. As Massage Therapists we often notice that clients don’t always come in fully prepared to let go and enjoy the experience. They are not living in the moment. They are thinking about what to do next or stressing about an issue at home. I thought it would be a great idea to create a guide to enjoying the best relaxation massage. That way, clients come in prepared to stop, clear the mind and give their body the chance to reset.

Are you ready to let go of everything for an hour? Try these simple steps:

  • Give yourself time to arrive 5-10 mins early for your appointment. By rushing into your appointment, it will take you longer to get into a relaxed state
  • Unplug from technology. Turn your phone to silent. Take off your smart devices and leave the world outside for an hour.
  • Do you have a music request? Some people find running water relaxation music a little too stimulating to the bladder, so share with us what you enjoy listening to and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • On that note, head to the bathroom before coming in. We have toilets located down the main hallway so you don’t have the pressure or worry on your mind.
  • Specify any areas of the body you like touched. If you know a foot massage will send you to sleep, ask for us to add this in. If your feet are too sensitive, we can avoid there too. Your treatment can be customised to you.
  • Let me know at any time during the treatment if you would like the pressure firmer or softer. I’m happy to adjust pressure as often as necessary.
  • Relax & try to let your thoughts go. These thought will always return later so no need to worry about them now.
  • While you may get more benefits from the massage if you avoid talking, if you prefer a chat, that’s completely fine too.
  • If you’re feeling relaxed enough to fall asleep, please don’t be embarrassed. I’ll take it as a compliment.

Next time you book your massage with us, take my advice and enjoy the best massage experience we can offer. If you’re ready to relax now, book online.