Make a Powerful New Year’s Resolution

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. The time has come where we are ready to start fresh and create some wonderful resolutions for the year to come. Are you looking to make a powerful New Year’s Resolution… that might actually stick? I know that we all make these grand statements of how we are going to do better. We are going to give up chocolate, alcohol, junk food, go to the gym every day, quit smoking. They seem to be the same every year. Instead of going crazy with an all or nothing approach to life, can we create a resolution that you can use to guide you through the whole year? I know we can.   I have been thinking about what I would like to do differently in 2016 and wondered whether I should make a New Year’s Resolution (or ten). I came across this great idea on another facebook page about choosing Three Words that will determine how you will live your year.  All you need to do is choose three words that will give your year purpose and demonstrate the values that you would like to exhibit. It allows for flexibility in how you will break it down over the year. So you can choose one word that translates into many goals or actions. This approach also gives you a way to stop, refocus and adjust your method of achieving your goals, long after you have given into your chocolate craving.  How do you choose your words?

  • Instead of thinking about what you won’t do, think of what you will do.
  • Be specific on how they relate to what you want to achieve
  • Make each word separate and avoid using a three word phrase. It wastes words that could be helping you focus elsewhere.
  • Attach your business or personal values to the words. It will help guide your actions throughout your decision making this year.

 My Three Words for 2016:

  • Structure: For me, structure is a word that relates to many things. It relates to structuring my time to ensure that I achieve all that I can without wasting time that I could be spending with my family. It also means creating a structure so I can help my clients achieve their health and fitness goals this year. I am putting together a strong structure to our 12 Week Challenge for 2016 instead of trying to give people what they want. I am the expert and I need to make the decision of what my clients need to know within the program. From there, it is my client’s responsibility to take on what they need to hear.
  • Nurture: This word relates to me nurturing myself in that I need to continue with self care. Self care involves regular massages, my own personal fitness and time with my family. In my business, it means that I want to create a nurturing environment for my clients where they know they can come for help and be guided towards improving their health.
  • Grow: Our plan for the year is to grow our business to really build on the foundations that have been created. I realised this year I cannot do everything with Massage, Personal Training and Nutrition clients as well as run the business with marketing, networking and admin. So growth is about getting the right people within the business to help to grow each arm of the business. Personally, it means growing as a person through learning. I will schedule time to attend more training, time for reading articles or books that will provide valuable knowledge that can be used to help others.

Now it’s your turn. What Three Words will you use to live 2016 with purpose? It’s time to create your Powerful New Year’s Resolution. I would love to hear them so share then via email or facebook.

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