Look Better, Feel Better, Move Better

You may have seen this statement on the back of our singlets or on our website. But what does is mean? How can we help you look better, feel better, move better? At Evolution Health Services, we are passionate about making fitness more than just weight loss. We want you to see all the benefits that fitness and Remedial Massage can bring to your life. We care about you and we know we have a solution for your problem. If we can’t help, we will find someone who specialises to help. Look Better This one seems obvious as when you lose weight from our Group Training or Personal Training sessions you will look better. Weight loss to us is more than just what the scales read. We have watched the transformation of our clients and the best thing to see is the muscle tone they now have. It’s not bulging man muscles, it’s sexy curves and a strong body.  Another part of looking better comes from Remedial Massage. When you are pain free you would be amazed at how much better you look. I am passionate about making sure that your muscles are healthy and that you leave your massage pain free.  Good nutrition plays an important role in how you look. Many symptoms of poor nutrition present in your body through nutritional deficiencies. These include dark circles around your eyes, dry skin, wrinkles, dandruff and brittle nails to name a few. Through adopting better nutrition practices you can reduce these symptoms within your body. Speak to me about any concerns you have with your nutrition. Feel Better Exercise provides endorphins and makes you feel better after most sessions. You probably feel worn out at first but you have to admit that you do feel great. Many of the women in our 12 Week Challenge noticed in the early weeks that they now have more energy. They noticed they felt less bloated and the centimetres lost backed up that feeling.  Massage also provides that great feeling. While Remedial Massage focuses on an injury or area of muscles tightness or pain, relaxation massage also provides a reduction in stress that we all feel in our busy lives. Sometimes it’s just being quiet for an hour, listening to the soft background music and smelling the beautiful Wick’d Candle burning in my rooms that sets that atmosphere to relax. Feeling better really comes back to taking care of yourself through movement, nutrition and relaxation.  Move Better We take before and after photos for weight loss clients but sometimes I wish I took them of our Remedial Massage clients. I remember one client coming in. I knew of her through facebook and a friend but had never met her before. I thought she was just coming in for some maintenance as she was training pretty hard. She stood up and walked over like an old lady. I was blown away at this fit, strong woman moving this way. After going through all of her aches and pains, I got started with treatment. After an hour she got up from the table and got dressed. When I returned to the room she was jumping around. We laughed at the changes, then she strutted herself out the door saying “Check me out”. She wanted to go back to training now (which I don’t recommend after a massage). It was powerful to see the change that I was able to make in her movement and posture.  Exercise also helps people move better. Tristan and I are regularly surprised at how quickly people go from not being able to do a push up or squat, even a burpee, to be able to complete all of these movements with ease. They are so confident with their movements that they one day just decide it’s time to try a push up on their toes. This makes us so proud.  We love helping people look better, feel better and move better through fitness, massage and nutrition. If you want help, Contact us now and join us at Evolution Health Services.

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