Know Your Allied Health Practitioners: Physiotherapists

Know Your Allied Health Practitioners: Physiotherapists

Today we are spoiled for choice when it comes to Allied Health treatment providers. Looking around Campbelltown, there are so many to choose from and each has their own speciality and reputation. To help you get the most from your treatments, I would like to help you get to know your Allied Health Practitioners: Physiotherapists.  When we experience pain or injury, we are often referred to a Physiotherapist. It is important to understand how Physiotherapists work on your body to find out which is best for you. I have had the opportunity to work with all types of Allied Health Practitioners as a treatment provider but also as a Workers Compensation Case Manager. I was in a role where I would communicate with the providers, doctors and injured workers to determine the best treatment plan to achieve a positive return to work outcome.

What Do Physiotherapists Do? Physiotherapists are probably the most commonly referred to Allied Health Practitioner by your GP. And in many cases I believe this is the best starting place. Physiotherapists are highly trained, regulated and registered health professionals. They are able to diagnose injuries and prescribe effective treatment. They utilise soft tissue techniques and exercise to treat your pain, injury or limited mobility.  The usual complaints I receive from clients who have had Physiotherapy is that their treatment is short, focused on one area and the majority of their time is spent under a heat pack or machine. There are also some great Physiotherapists out there who will listen, provide effective treatment and as a result, achieve positive outcomes.  To get the most out of your Physiotherapy treatment, you need to communicate. Let them know if you are not happy. They cannot change or explain their methods if you don’t voice your concerns. Find out more information about your local Physiotherapist through the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Remedial Massage and Physiotherapy My very first job after finishing my Massage Qualification was as a Physiotherapy Assistant in Liverpool. I was hired to complete a warm up massage, take off machines from patients when finished and also complete Reception duties. I started my fitness qualifications to assist them in demonstrating exercises to their clients to complete at home.  I was able to watch treatments the physios completed. I also swapped treatment with the guys. They used to tell me I worked like a Physio as maybe they were expecting someone to complete a gentle, flowing massage that is the common perception with Massage Therapy. I was firm, targeted and understood their language. This earned their respect.  I also currently work adjacent to South West Physiotherapy on Queen Street Campbelltown where there is a team of four Physiotherapists. While I am not part of their business, we still share clients. I work with their clients to enhance their treatment results through Remedial Massage, backing up the advice that they give their clients and communicating with insurance companies if they happen to claim through Workers Compensation. I also work alongside other Physiotherapists in the area.

At Evolution Health Services we are passionate about helping you to feel better and move better. We understand that each patient is an individual and working together as an Allied Health Team can bring about greater benefits to our clients.  If you are currently seeing a Physiotherapist and would like to know how we could work together to enhance your treatment results, please feel free to contact me on 0414 990 335 or via email:

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