Know Your Allied Health Practitioners: Osteopaths

As a Remedial Massage Therapist, I have had the opportunity to work with so many fantastic Allied Health Practitioners. Over my 14 years in the industry I have worked with many throughout Campbelltown and Macarthur as well as the Liverpool Region. This experience has allowed me to be able to understand the treatment Allied Health Practitioners provide, whether I should refer to them for conditions outside of my scope and how we can work together to achieve great results. In this blog I would like to help my clients understand what an Osteopath does and whether it may be the best treatment option for them.  Osteopathy is a treatment approach I have only recently understood. I had the opportunity to work alongside an Osteopath and it was great to be exposed to another way of achieving relief from pain or injury. Having seen the approach a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor might take to treatment, it was really interesting to see the holistic approach they had by looking at all structures of the body. One thing that stood out was understanding how mechanisms such as breathing or how your organs can impact the pain you experience in your body.  Your Osteopathic treatment will commence with the Osteopath taking a detailed medical and lifestyle history to understand why your body is sending you pain signals. They will then complete an assessment of how your body looks and feels while standing, sitting or during movement.  When you look up the Osteopathy Australia website for more information about Osteopathy, they refer to their treatment as Osteopathic techniques. But what does that even mean? Some techniques I have seen utilised are soft tissue massage, myofascial release, spinal manipulation, stretches, exercises and other techniques I have experienced but cannot accurately give a label. One such technique was looking at how my spine moved as I breathed. I didn’t realise the impact my pregnancy had had on my breathing and how it was impacting the movement of my spine, causing back pain. The Osteopath completed small movements to correct the movement in sync with my breathing.  Personally, I really like to Osteopath’s approach to treatment and it really does look at so many things in your life that can impact your body. I found their manipulations were targeted to specific joints after feeling the area. The advice given was so practical and made so much sense. Osteopathy was founded out of the frustration with modern medicine and really goes back to looking at improving the body as opposed to dosing our bodies with medications. Remedial Massage and Osteopathy An Osteopath and Remedial Massage Therapist are able to communicate on how to best work together and achieve great results. Osteopaths are limited in their treatment time to around 30 – 40 minutes, depending on the practitioner. If you present with a variety of issues, they may refer you for Remedial Massage to complete further soft tissue massage and release areas to allow them to complete a more direct approach to their treatment.  As a Remedial Massage Therapist, I found that I would refer when clients were not improving with Remedial Massage or were experiencing symptoms of nerve pain not relating to tight muscles, that could not be addressed by soft tissue massage. It was a great working relationship to have which ensured that clients were able to have relief from pain or restriction.  At Evolution Health Services, we are passionate about helping people look better, feel better and move better. Remedial Massage is just one of the ways we can help achieve this. We also believe in education and allowing clients to find the best treatment to suit their lifestyle, needs and expectations.  If you believe that Osteopathy might be treatment that you need, please feel free to contact me to discuss and I can refer you to great treatment providers in the local Macarthur area. If you are currently having Osteopathy, you can also speak to me about working with your provider to enhance the treatment you are receiving with Remedial Massage. Contact Us to find outmore.

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