It all begins again – Wimp 2 Warrior

This week it all begins again – Wimp 2 Warrior. You may remember hearing of this before as my sister Manda participated last season. Read her story here. Well now it is my awesome husband Tristan who has joined the Wimp 2 Warrior Family. It is a 6 month commitment and involves driving from Campbelltown to Brookvale 4-5 days per week but he is motivated to see it through. This year Tristan celebrated his 40th Birthday. He won’t mind me sharing this as he doesn’t care about his age and people usually tell him he doesn’t look 40. Well Tristan realised that it was time to get serious about his own training and do it now before he gets too much older. He wants to make sure he stays fit and healthy to be able to run around after our son. He also wants to be a great role model for Blake and other parents like us Tristan has always loved Martial Arts and was very jealous of Manda being about to train in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). As a Personal Trainer you get to learn the basics of fitness based in a gym. It takes further studies, experience and your own passion to develop your specific area of expertise. Tristan would love to take his experience through this program as well as his past experience with Martial Arts to bring MMA training to the Evolution  business and to Campbelltown. The program involves hardcore training from general conditioning, strength training, technique and will end in fight camp. This is where things get serious. He will have the opportunity at the end of the season to get in the ring and fight. There is one anxious wife here not looking forward to Fight Night. I’m sure he will do us proud. It’s going to be a tough road ahead for Tristan and our family but sacrifice and hard work now will result in another awesome element of training we can bring you in the future. Keep watching our Facebook Page and Blog to see how he progresses over the next 22 weeks.

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