I Miss Hangovers

You are probably thinking this is the strangest title I have ever seen from a blog and especially when it comes from your Personal Trainer or Remedial Massage Therapist. You may be thinking why would anyone miss having hangovers? The pounding headaches. The nausea and possible vomiting. The tiredness and not wanting to move a muscle. There is one simple reason I miss hangovers that I want to share.  We remember those days from our twenties where we would party all weekend, drink too much and climb into bed at some ridiculous time of the morning. We would stay there most of the day. We may move to the lounge and watch some trashy tv. We would eat whatever we wanted to make ourselves feel better. We could do all of this without ever having to justify our actions to anyone. We would say “I’m hungover” and no one would bother us.  Before marriage and kids this was so much easier to pull off. These days we probably aim to avoid the hangover as we have too much to do and feel we would have to justify to the family why we are just lounging around. But really we feel the need to justify it to ourselves.  But what if we did just spend the day on the couch, watching trashy TV and enjoyed some lazy time without guilt? What would that do for our motivation, energy levels and health? Clearly you can do all of this without the hangover so maybe it’s time we started.  I did it yesterday. I did have 3 whole drinks the night before at a party but was not hungover in any way. I just didn’t feel like getting out of bed, working on my business or even working out. I only wanted to snuggle on the lounge with my blanket watching the Real Housewives of Melbourne. Yes I admit it, I watched it. That’s the best part, you get to pick the most ridiculous shows and be entertained by their antics.  I miss those days of being lazy when we needed it. Clearly the need back then was self inflicted and involved binge drinking but these days it’s usually overwork and forgetting how to relax. I often want to work on a Sunday but I am learning to leave it along and know that it’ll all be waiting for me Monday, as will my clients.  I challenge you all to take a day off from everything and enjoy some trashy TV. Who’s with me?

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