I made friends with Salad

 As we have now commenced our 12 Week Challenge, it’s time to consider the lifestyle habits we have and start to create new ones so this weekend I made friends with salad and it was delicious! This weekend we were child free so we had a chance to eat out and enjoy some time together as a couple without running after an energetic child. We decided to go to Narellan Hotel for some lunch. Now one thing I really enjoy is a good old pub meal. There is nothing better than a big steak with chips and salad or a schnitzel with chips and gravy but in order to achieve my weight loss goal I had to reconsider my options. I scanned the menu and was thinking of all of the things I could choose from. Normally I skip the salad menu as it’s usually just lettuce rubbish. As I was deciding, I turned around to see this delicious looking Chicken Caesar Salad about to be served to another customer. I thought let’s give it a go and skip the melted cheese or creamy sauce covered options. Now I am not a fan of dressing much so I asked for it on the side. I’m so glad I did as they filled a bucket and placed it on the side of my plate. That would have ended up all over my fresh salad, making my lettuce soggy. I didn’t even touch the dressing after all. The Chicken Caesar Salad contained:

  • Cos Lettuce – extra crunchy
  • Grilled Chicken (just $4 extra)
  • Bacon
  • 1 Boiled Egg – cut in half
  • Parmesan Cheese
  • Croutons
  • Dressing (on the side)

The salad option turned out to be quite filling thanks to all the protein in the meal with the chicken, bacon and egg. Now just because a menu says that a meal comes with something, it doesn’t mean you have to have it. Ask the question to remove something or have it on the side so you can control how much dressing you consume. I even left some croutons on the plate as I wasn’t much interested in bread today. So my new habit from today is to look at the whole menu when dining out and deciding what options fit into my healthy eating plan. We all want to be able to enjoy a meal that we don’t cook and spend time with our friends or partners so it just comes down to making good choices. What are your healthy eating tips when dining out? 

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