How Massage Can Help You Keep Your Independence in Retirement.

How Massage Can Help You Keep Your Independence in Retirement.

Remedial Massage is more than a feel good treatment. It has benefits beyond reducing pain or increasing mobility. It has the ability to help you get more out of life. We share the story of a client, Bill* who has gained more from Remedial Massage and how Massage can help you keep your independence too.

Bill is a retired man who was referred by his doctor to help recover sensation and movement after an operation. Bill had Bilateral Inguinal Hernia repairs. He was left with scar tissue around surgery site, nerve damage, and loss of sensation in his lower body. Without treatment he has trouble reaching down to put underwear on and has to use a coathanger to reach down to put them on. Prior to seeing us, Bill had been to see another Remedial Massage Therapist. He also had been under the care of a Physiotherapist and his Specialist. He had some relief but was struggling with driving, walking and unable to get out into the garden, which he really enjoyed doing.  Bill was hopeful that Remedial Massage could help to decrease his limp when walking, improve his ability to bend down and put on his underwear and possibly regain some sensation from nerve damage.

As a Remedial Massage Therapist, we are often presented with complex cases and Bill came with a list of other health conditions that also needed to be monitored in the process of his treatment. To assist with improving his range of movement, we worked on releasing tight muscles through the hips and inner thighs. We slowly worked through the scar tissue and monitored the level of numbness he was experiencing to see if there was any improvement.

Following treatment, we sent Bill home with some simple stretches to continue on a daily basis. We encouraged him to take short walks to keep mobile and advise his progress with driving, walking and gardening.

We recommended regular Remedial Massage to ensure that his progressed continued. He sees us approximately every 3 – 4 weeks. If he has a flare up of symptoms, we see him fortnightly until it settles and he can return to his monthly visits. It’s not often we see Bill more than once a month as he is doing well to manage his condition by completing his exercises at home.

Remedial Massage has given Bill back his independence. He does not need to rely on anyone to drive him around, prepare his meals or go shopping and he has been able to enjoy some time in the garden. The ability to walk and putting on his pants are small things but have a great impact on a retired man like Bill. We are happy to be able to help Bill remain independent and he knows we are here to help with further self care advice as his condition continues to improve.

If you are looking to get more out of life and regain your independence, contact Evolution Health Services today to see how we can help. Or Book Online here: *Name changed for client privacy.

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