How Do You Know We’re Qualified?

Have you ever thought about asking to see my qualifications or know whether I’m insured? I know that many people assume we are qualified and luckily your assumptions are correct. But what if they weren’t. Do you care? Do you value a person who is qualified or are you happy to believe someone who sounds like they know what they are talking about? Have you ever wondered how to ask. If you don’t, how do you know we’re qualified? If you are unaware, the Fitness and Massage Industries are called unregulated industries. This means that there is no governing body that controls who can say that they are a Remedial Massage Therapist or Personal Trainer. In reality anyone can put a sign on their door saying that they can offer Remedial Massage and Personal Training Services without any real consequences.  Ahhh… but what ARE the consequences of seeing someone who isn’t qualified? Do they understand the anatomy and physiology of your body? Do they know when massage should be avoided and for what conditions. Do they know how to alter a workout when you are injured. If something went wrong, are they insured to cover the damage they have caused to you? Every week in my clinic, I hear stories about where people go to get “Remedial Massage’. They tell me all about the pain they were put through, force used by the “Massage Therapist” and that they don’t think they were qualified. It’s great for my business as people experience the wrong way first, but I really want to educate the community and prevent you having to go through this. If someone is using such pressure without knowing your medical history, this can cause more damage than good.  But they have HICAPS. They must be qualified right? Have you every asked the name of the person who is treating you? Does it match the receipt you are provided with? This may be your first clue. There may be someone in the clinic who is qualified and they are all using their provider number.   So how do you know we’re qualified?

  • I have my Massage Qualification hanging on my wall in my Campbelltown clinic. Yes it has my maiden name but I’ll even whip out my marriage certificate if you ever asked. I am more than happy to bring along any of our other qualifications to the park if you want to see.
  • We’re both members of Professional Associations for Massage and Fitness. These bodies are in place of a governing body to raise the professional standards of the industry. They have a code of conduct in which we agree to abide by and are our point of contact for health fund eligibility. Health Funds will not speak to us directly, they want this third party body to check the validity of our credentials.
  • For Massage, I am a Senior Level Two Member of The Association of Massage Therapists Ltd. This means that I have met the criteria of a Diploma Level Qualification, have completed my First Aid Certificate, have sufficient insurance and agree to participate in ongoing education on an annual basis. I am required to complete 20 hours of ongoing education per year to ensure that my knowledge and skills are kept up to date. That’s how I have such an awesome list of qualifications.
  • For Fitness, we are both Registered Exercise Professionals with Fitness Australia. To be eligible for membership as Personal Trainers, we must have a Certificate IV in Fitness, First Aid, Insurance and agree to ongoing education.
  • Part of this ongoing education has allowed us to be qualified in Boxing,Metafit (also licensed), Kids Bootcamps, and Nutritional Coaching. We don’t go around running classes that we have not had the proper training to complete. Some people may not care but we do

At Evolution Health Services, we highly value qualifications as it gives us a greater understanding of how the body works and the right treatment options available. If we are aware of your history and the condition with which you present, we know when it is appropriate to refer.  We also value safety in our training practices and want to be able to teach correct technique and prevent injury. We pride ourselves on the personalised service we bring to each and every session so no matter if it is one on one or part of a group we want you to know we are there to help.  If you have a question about Remedial Massage, Personal Training or a specific injury/condition in general, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0414 990 335 or via our Contact Us Form.

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