How Are You Treating Your Best Assets?

How Are You Treating Your Best Assets?

What if I told you I could massage 30 – 40 people in a day? Would you think I was mad? Massage is a versatile tool where I am able to use my skills in many settings. It is assumed that Remedial Massage occurs in a clinic for a 1 hour pre-booked session. While yes this does occur, there are other ways in which massage can be utilised to help many more people in an hour.

So how are you treating your best assets? Your staff, your clients, your customers, your guests.

Workplace Seated Massage Seated Massage in the workplace is a fantastic way to reward staff for their hard work or as part of an overall corporate wellness program. This year I have been going into workplaces in the Macarthur area with my massage chair. I complete massages from 7 – 15 mins long depending on the client. With this short form of massage I am able to treat sore necks, backs and shoulders from sitting at a desk for many hours or leaning over clients all day.  During my time with these clients, it gives them opportunities to ask questions about Remedial Massage and they may choose to book for a longer massage to fully address their pain. I am also able to offer advice around workstation changes and stretches to assist with preventing further pain.

Hear from one of our very happy clients at Family Dental Care located in Queen Street Campbelltown. “Our staff really benefited from your corporate massages Melissa Woodward. They all work so hard and sometimes they forget to take the time to de-stress and relax. What a great way for me to say thank you to them. If you’re a business owner and have awesome staff, I really recommend organising a corporate massage gift from Evolution Health Services.” Jody White – Practice Manager, Family Dental Care Campbelltown

Event and Expo Seated Massage Seated massage can also be used in a public setting. The benefit here is that clients remain fully clothed but massage techniques can still be applied over clothing. I am able to provide short 5 – 10 minute massages in a space of around 1 square metre. Many clients report to feeling relaxed and able to move better after a short massage.

I have been attending Event Cinemas Campbelltown for their Chicks at The Flicks night. Prior to the movie being screened, there is 1 hour of market stalls and entertainment for the ladies. I provide free 5 minute massages to the ladies. Sometimes the occasional husband sits down while his wife heads off to shop. It’s a fun night and I am grateful for the opportunity to provide an added bonus for the ladies attending on the night.  “The team from Evolution Health Services have been an integral part of the success of our ‘Chicks at the Flicks’ nights. Our customers always look forward to a mini massage before the movie. Many of our customers also book in for private sessions with Mel after seeing her at Event Cinemas. Mel & the team from Evolution Health Services are first class & always willing to help in anyway they can. I’d highly recommend themfor any corporate or private event or session.” Josh Webster – Marketing and Community Relations, Event Cinemas Campbelltown.

Private Function Seated Massage Seated Massage can also be booked for private functions or fundraisers. As with the Event Massages, the attendees are fully clothed and can enjoy a short massage as part of your function. It is a wonderful addition to the function and I’m sure will bring a smile to their faces.  This year we attended the Storm Recovery Fundraiser in Bargo to help with fundraising for those affected by the Storms in the Wollondilly Region in June. Alongside Hairdressers, Make Up Artists and Nail Technicians, I provided Seated Massage to the attendees. In return they donated what they felt the massage was worth to the charity. It was a great night with much needed funds raised on the night.

Do you have an event, function or workplace in need of Massage? Contact Us today to discuss your needs and we can recommend the best options for your event. We have flexible packages, can travel outside the Macarthur area (costs apply) and provide all equipment. We guarantee that your staff, clients or attendees will appreciate the extra steps taken to care for their health.

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