Healthy Fried Rice Recipe

Healthy Fried Rice Recipe

I have a healthy fried rice recipe for you this week from my special box of cheat meals. I call them cheat meals as I have found something to replace the long process sometimes involved. I love brown rice but cooking it can take more time that I have available after finishing our Outdoor Training Sessions at 7pm. So I came across the SunRice 90 Second packet rices which of course Woolworths and Coles also stock their own brands these days.  In the spirit of all of my recipes, I just add a whole lot of ingredients and fill the pot.

Healthy Fried Rice

  • Onion
  • Capsicum
  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Carrot
  • 3 x 250g Brown Rice Packets
  • Soy Sauce

Other possible ingredients: Mushrooms (I hate them), Peas, Zucchini, Chicken or Beef for some more protein or to make into a full meal. Why not add mince? Try some turkey.. whatever your tastes desire.


  • Fry up onion, capsicum and bacon in a pot.
  • In a frying pan I scrambled 2 large eggs and added to pot.
  • Grated 1 large carrot and added to pot with 3 packets of 90sec brown rice.
  • Splash on some soy sauce for moisture and thats it.

Can be served as a side dish or throw the meat into it the bowl to make a healthy, hearty meal.  The kids loved this meal. No added salt, sugar or MSG. It can be reheated for later and I think we ate this pot of rice for a couple of day. It became a time saver for us after work.  Have you got other great healthy recipe ideas? Send us an email with your recipes and you can be featured on our Website and in our Newsletter too.

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