Health and Fitness Goal Setting For Mums

Health and Fitness Goal Setting For Mums

As a Mum, goal setting for ourselves is not always the priority. Our main goal is often to survive each day and make sure our kids make it through too.

Pregnancy brings so many changes and you begin to learn to live in a body that’s strange to you. Your body is a different shape, size and may not work the same as it did in the past. Many times during pregnancy and even your post natal recovery, the changes in your body feel out of your control. It can be a difficult adjustment but it’s ok to take time to learn and understand where your body is at now and what you would like to be able to do in your body again.

During pregnancy and early post partum you can forget that you are more than a Mum. You have things that you loved doing and sparked joy for you. Goal setting can give you some power over that feeling of just surviving. It can give you small things to work towards and permission to take the time to do what you need.

In the beginning, mum goals may be having a shower each day, sleeping 8 hours in a 24 period (probably broken) and enjoying a warm coffee. You may start getting time for date night to reconnect with your partner and maybe even a night out with the girls. All of these things are important for your mental health and go on to have an impact on your physical health. The more we neglect ourselves, the worse our physical and mental health become. Our approach is to be kind to yourself and you will make healthier choices naturally.

Tips for Health & Fitness Goal Setting for Mums

  • Remember what you love doing, what makes you feel great – inside and out.
  • Prioritise the time you need for your goals. It’s ok to take time away from the kids.
  • Find family friendly options so you can bring them with you. They are watching you Mumma.
  • Educate yourself on your body and understand what is right for you.
  • Give yourself time to recover from pregnancy.
  • Make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes, instead of quick fixes.
  • Avoid restrictive diets or eating plans. When you are tired and can’t stick to it, you don’t need the pressure or feeling of failure.
  • Be flexible in your approach to it all!

Being flexible on how you approach achieving your goals is an important factor. Setting yourself a goal to drop 5kgs in 8 Weeks may look great on paper. But when it comes to reality, kids get sick, you feel like crap, you had a bad night’s sleep and everything else that may happen can have you ‘falling off the wagon’ more times than you would like. But remember that’s life and it is 100% OK. A flexible approach means taking a rest day and enjoying a nap. Skipping a class and making it up with a home workout. Enjoying that chocolate/burger/cake (whatever you feel you need) and choosing a nutritious meal the next time you eat (Instead of waiting for Monday/New Month/New Year to eat well again). Letting go of the guilt and just living a life that makes you feel great.

Often we feel pressured to set health and fitness goals that revolve around losing weight fast and fitting back into your skinny jeans. It usually involves low calorie diets and high intensity exercise. Calorie restriction may result in your body not getting the energy it needs to function and to care for your family. High intensity exercise might not be right for you just yet and that is OK. Listen to your body and give it the consideration it deserves. Please take the time to rehabilitate your body after pregnancy. Your body has been through a lot so take the time you need without pressure.

What would you like to achieve now that you are a Mum? If you want to lose weight without stressing about the scales, diets or high intensity exercise, let me help to guide you through with a plan and workouts that suit your post-pregnancy body. We have more information on our Pregnancy and Post Natal Fitness page or Contact Us to discuss your needs.