First Trimester Pregnancy Massage

First Trimester Pregnancy Massage

Congratulations on your pregnancy! The first trimester of pregnancy is a time full of emotion, fear and dealing with early pregnancy symptoms. First trimester pregnancy massage is focused on relaxation for the mind and body as your body goes through immense changes. Most pain occurring during this time may be pre-existing and often unlikely to be caused from the baby… yet! When it comes to pregnancy massage there’s a few things we can do to make your experience more comfortable and to feel supported.


Managing your Early Pregnancy Symptoms


Pregnancy Massage Positioning in the First Trimester

You really want a massage but not that you are pregnancy you are feeling nausea, bloating and breast tenderness. Our Campbelltown Clinic is fully equipped to modify your position to suit every stage of pregnancy. In the beginning, you will be able to maintain your face down position but we will take care with pressure on your lower back, especially if you are also suffering from bloating. Breast tenderness is another concern during early pregnancy and we have pillows which can help ease the pressure on your chest. If you feel unwell faced down, we can treat you while laying on your back or in our seated massage chair. Our chair allows us to work on your whole back without the added pressure to your digestive tract. We will work with you to decide the best position for your current needs.

Sensitivity to Smells or Food Aversions

We are mindful of the scents that we use in our Campbelltown Clinic. Our Massage Oils used in our Pregnancy Massage are unscented. The use of any essential oils in the rooms are limited and especially take care that any used are safe for pregnancy. We would not apply any essential oils directly to your body in pregnancy. As smells can set off ‘morning sickness’, we also aim to ensure that our lunch and other foods are eaten in our lunchroom to limit the smells drifting into our treatment rooms. So many small details to ensure you experience a comfortable time during your massage.

Dizziness, Fainting or Low Blood Pressure

Some of the symptoms you may experience in early pregnancy are related to your blood pressure, the extra blood circulating in your body or those pesky hormones. When getting up after your massage, we will take care to ensure that you sit up slowly and feel well before standing. If you need to sit a little longer before driving home, you are welcome to sit in our waiting room on the comfy lounges. If at any time during or after the massage you feel uneasy on your feet, please let us know so we can take care of your needs. We don’t mind if you lay on our beds a little longer with your feet up.


In early pregnancy, fatigue is a major symptom to manage. When you come for your pregnancy massage, feel free to take the opportunity to sleep. We won’t even laugh if you begin to snore. Taking the time to sleep during your massage helps to enhance your relaxation response and has you well rested for the remainder of your day.


Is It Safe to Have a Pregnancy Massage in the First Trimester?

There has been a long held fear that massaging a pregnant women in her first trimester will lead to miscarriage. There is always concern whether it is safe. Miscarriage is sadly common in early pregnancy and the risk is much higher in the first trimester. There is no evidence to suggest that there is a link between first trimester pregnancy massage and miscarriage. However, we aim to put your mind at ease by avoiding certain areas and techniques throughout pregnancy to ensure it does not pose any risk. We avoid deep abdominal work in the first trimester to ensure no pressure is placed on the growing uterus. We are also mindful of the pressure we apply to your lower back and hips while lying face down. The body is an amazing being and has wonderful ways to protect your growing foetus, we will always have your safety as our number on priority.

If ever you feel uncomfortable during your Pregnancy Massage, please let us know. We believe in open communication during our treatment so we know when you need us to make changes.

Booking Your Pregnancy Massage

We offer Pregnancy Massage at our Campbelltown Clinic with our team of Qualified Remedial Massage Therapists. Our female therapists are highly trained and understand the changes your body is going through during your pregnancy. They are also Mums so can relate to your fear, joy, illness and everything in between.

To book your Pregnancy Massage, Book Online here. Private Health Fund Rebates available for Remedial Massage during pregnancy where you are treating a pain or injury.