Feeling The Difference Between Muscle and Bone in Massage

Recently I ran our first ever Couples Massage Workshop in time for Valentines Day. We were lucky enough to have four willing couples to come along and learn how to massage one another. They wanted to connect, spend quality time together and learn to care for one another. It was a fun afternoon and had plenty of relaxed faces at the end. One piece of feedback received was around feeling the difference between muscle and bone in massage. At times our muscles can seem so tight that they are as solid as bones. It’s not as simple as saying the hard ones are bones and the squishy parts are muscle. It does take a bit more understanding of the body and knowledge of anatomy. I spend two years studying each muscle, where it attached, the direction of it’s fibres and the movement it caused within the body. In two hours, you cannot expect to completely understand how to know the difference but I have 3 ways you can learn. 1. Look Up Some Anatomy  In their workbooks I shared a photo of the back and the anatomy of muscles underneath the skin. It was a flat image but if you spend some time on Google, you would find millions of images of muscles and bones to see the difference. Once you can visualise where the muscles lie, you can start to feel your way around the bony landmarks to locate them.  2. Practice The old saying “practice makes perfect”is exactly what is needed here. Throughout my 2 years of study, I spent many hours with hands on bodies to put the study into practice. With time you can feel the difference, no matter how tight the muscle has become. I’m sure your partner will be a willing participant if you wish to practice your new skills.  3. Communication Ask your partner for their help and to speak up if you are doing something uncomfortable or in fact pushing on bone. In any relationship, you need to be able to communicate with one another and share constructive feedback to help make them better. So as the recipient, speak up and they will get better. As the giver, ask questions and be open to hearing their feedback. If all that fails and you give up, you know where we are to book in a Remedial Massage. Just kidding.  Couples Massage is a great way to connect, open up the lines of communication and relax together. Many participants reported a great night’s sleep after their massages. To book into our next Couples Massage Workshop, head to our Book Online page and find our next available course.

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