Every Medal Tells a Story

This collection hangs in my room as a reminder of the different reasons I have run races. They are all a great achievement for myself and others along the way.
City2Surf ’09 & ’10 were with a friend who had lost a significant amount of weight and wanted to challenge herself.
City2Surf ’12 was in memory of my Aunty Marg and to fundraise for the @ccnewsouthwales. It was alongside Tristan and I beat my previous time by an hour.
Winery Run 2016 was a training run for my half marathon. It was my first race alone and was while I was on a hens weekend. I prioritised my health over drinking ALL the wine. But found a way to still enjoy the wine sensibly.
Blackmores Half Marathon 2016 was my biggest race ever and saw Serena & I raise over $3000 for @cantoorunswim . I completed the 21.1kms with my son and husband at the end. It was a special day as I’d never had anyone waiting at the end for me before.
SMH Half Marathon Relay 2017 was the opportunity for Serena and I to share a half marathon distance with my sister Kerrianne and Tristan. It was Tristan’s first event after knee surgery. It was a big challenge for us all but great to be there to support one another.
What’s next…? I’ve decided that I’m happy with 10kms for now so aiming for the Blackmores 10km bridge run in September. I’m going to focus on running a great race instead of pushing the distance limits.
What stories do your achievements tell? We’d love you to share your stories.

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