Do You Crave Chocolate?

So many of us these days enjoy the taste of chocolate. I find myself being quite the chocolate connoisseur. I will not waste time on cheap imitations, it’s the good stuff only. And if it’s shaped like a Bunny, bonus! It makes you happy when you feel sad and gives you that wonderful treat. But do you find you want it a bit more than usual. Do you crave chocolate?

Do you find that sometimes there is this overwhelming want for chocolate. It’s not emotional because you broke up with your boyfriend or because you didn’t lose weight (ladies, are you nodding along with this one?), it’s a real craving by the body. More like those crazy cravings during pregnancy when you really must have something.  I have been told by a Naturopath that if you are craving chocolate, you may be deficient in Magnesium.

Magnesium is a mineral that readily available in foods and is excreted from the body daily. Therefore, it needs to be replaced daily. The best way of replacing Magnesium is through your diet.

So how do you get it in your diet? Sources of magnesium in your diet include: Almonds, barley, cashews, cocoa, cod, eggs, figs, leafy greens, legumes, lima beans, mineral water, molasses, parsnips, seeds, soy beans and wholegrain cereals.

What does your diet look like? Just by looking at this list I can see some great meal ideas which incorporate magnesium into your diet. Eggs for breakfast or boiled eggs with some leafy greens in your lunchtime salad. Almonds or Cashews for an afternoon snack or a hearty vegetable soup with barley, legumes and parsnip for dinner. These are all just suggestions and you don’t need them all but these can be included in some of your daily meals to ensure you are regularly replacing this mineral.

Should you take a supplement? Magnesium is readily available in food but if you are considering taking a supplement, please seek the advice of a Naturopath or your GP before commencing any dosage.  A Naturopath or GP will review this request in conjunction with current medications already prescribed as these medications can impact how your body absorbs magnesium.

As with any nutrient, there are potential side effects of having too much in your body so professional advice will ensure that you are getting the right amount your body needs. So next time that craving hits, think about whether you have had any magnesium in your diet today.

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