Do I Practice What I Preach?

Being a Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist, I am in a position where I am providing advice and coaching to other people. Our clients look to me to know what they should be doing and I am always willing to help. I was recently posed with the question, do I practice what I preach? At the time I said no, thinking I was being honest but it actually made me reflect on my actions and start to look at what I was doing to follow my own advice.  Recently I have been going through some major changes. I got married. I moved house. I have changed my name (well actually I am still in the process as I don’t know how to sign my new name – so I am avoiding anywhere that needs a signature). I have taken on more days and hours in my business. Leading up to all of this life got hectic. Did I mention that I did all of this within 1 week? Yes I am crazy.  During the months before the wedding I was so stressed that I really wasn’t practicing what I preached. I kept saying “after the wedding” this will get better or that would improve. It was my greatest excuse against everything I was doing wrong. I participated in our 12 Week Challenge with our group and lost 1.9kgs and 20cms overall. I was completely disappointed by this as I knew I hadn’t put in the work. I was getting run down, sick and getting migraines. My mind was already set as to when all of this was going to change and no amount of my body telling me to stop would make me listen. My wedding has now been and gone in a flash. Instantly things started to change. I started putting myself first. It was amazing how opportunities presented themselves without much effort. My mindset had changed and everything seemed to start happening. So what have I changed?

  • I book myself in for REGULAR massages. An opportunity presented where I am now booked in every 4 weeks with a massage therapist and she is booked with me every 4 weeks but on the alternate fortnight. Works perfectly for us both.


  • I put Blake into Day Care. Two days per week he heads off to school with his little friends. This means that I can focus on my Outdoor Group Training Classes which he used to attend and I can take over a day in the massage clinic which was previously rented out.
  • My lunch break is scheduled Every Day. I have an allocated lunch break every day into my booking system where no one can book into these times. I can move the time but it is always there first.
  • I appointed an Accountibility Buddy. I realised that when I didn’t achieve my goals or do what I had planned, I was not accountable to anyone. I am trialling this out to see the consequences of my inactions.
  • I am still improving my diet and meal planning. I have never preached perfection with eating but I am planning and tracking along with my 12 Week Challenge group so we can see how we go each week.
  • We are in the process of recruiting a new Personal Trainer. I realised that I have opened up my schedule so that 3 days per week I can potentially work 11 hour days. Which is a bit too much. So we are asking for help. A couple of nights off will allow me to exercise and maybe have a family dinner.

So far it is working really well. My body feels better and I am no longer jealous of my massage clients lying on my table. It got so bad at times, I would literally be jealous that they got a massage and I didn’t. I can now say I am practicing what I preach. It’s all about small changes regularly. If you find that you are not listening to your body and need to make changes, Contact us to see how we can help you. We can create a plan together for your health.

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