Celebrating My Mum

As we celebrate our Outdoor Group Training’s First Birthday, I want to tell you about a special member who has been with us before the beginning, my Mum, Janelle. She has been through a tough year but it’s time to start celebrating my mum and all she has achieved. You may be thinking we only ever talk about our family, but honestly, why wouldn’t we? They are the most important people in our lives. They are the ones that support us to achieve our dreams. Mum has been there supporting our decision to start a Personal Training business. She’s an ‘investor’ in the Remedial Massage Clinic and was the first person handing over cash to train with us in our garage.

Now my mum looks in the mirror and thinks she hasn’t changed one bit, but it’s time for her to see what she has achieved over the last year.

  • Consistency In the past Mum has been a member of many gyms, tried every piece of infomercial workout equipment and tried to find something she could stick to. She struggled to commit to the gym as she wanted someone to go with her. This would prevent her slacking off and motivated her with what to do. She also struggled with what to do in a gym. What exercises should she do? Who was watching? Someone is on the machine I want. Bugger it, I’m outta here. She ends up paying for a membership she doesn’t use.  Well since joining us she has consistently attended training over the past year. She has someone telling her what to do. She has people to train with and the opportunity to make new friends. There’s no one on her machine as we don’t use them. So there has been nothing preventing her training… or was there?
  •  Overcome obstacles The last year has not been easy for Mum. In September last year she was walking along at training, turned around to walk back and as she stepped down something went in her knee. Off she went to the Doctor, had an MRI and boy did she do a good job. She had ruptured her Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), torn Meniscus and a whole lot of other long standing pathology found in there. Unfortunately she required surgery to repair the meniscus but they wouldn’t repair the ACL as she wasn’t an athlete. She was referred to a Physiotherapist and he returned her to us in a few short weeks. We went through her rehabilitation process with her and she got back out there. We now alter her exercises with ones she can safely do, so she can continue in the group.
  • Life doesn’t stop Well just when she got back into training, her step-father became quite ill. He went into full time care and mum was responsible for taking my Nan around to all of his appointments and meetings to discuss his needs. Sadly, he passed away in April. And if that wasn’t enough to go through, she then found out her Father was ill and had to be moved to full time care. She was trying to balance work, training and travelling to Cowra to spend as much time as possible with him. Despite all of this, she took the time needed to grieve and again came back to training.  Unfortunately on Wednesday, my grandfather passed away. On Thursday we had a family day of comfort food and snuggling on the couch. Family time and support is what is needed to get through these tough times.
  • What can she do now? One year ago, there were things mum would never have even imagined she could do or would be achieved. I have seen these 5 changes in her:
    1. She did not quit when times got tough
    2. She is beating her walk/jog times around the 1km loop
    3. She can do push ups on her toes!
    4. She has a strong core and holds a very solid plank position
    5. She is motivated to keep coming back and pushing towards her next goal.

So mum, I hope you read this and see the great things you are achieving. We are here to support you as you have done to support us. We love you mum x

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