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5 Reasons To Learn How To Massage Your Partner

5 Reasons To Learn How To Massage Your Partner

Physical touch is a basic human need. From birth, touch is a vital part of our health and development. As we grow we need Mum’s kisses and Dad’s hugs to heal any wound or broken heart. Once we become parents ourselves, this touch can be forgotten in the daily stress of life. We are often sick of being touched as we get pulled at and climbed on all day. We crave our space and forget about the love and intimacy that can also come from touch.  Learning to appreciate touch again can be as simple as setting the space for it. Learning to massage your partner provides many health benefits but overall brings a connection back to our basic human needs. It doesn’t need to be complicated and you don’t need professional equipment. Just somewhere comfortable and quality time together.   Here are just 5 reasons to learn how to massage your partner:

  1. Calms The Body And Mind: When we first lay or be seated for a massage, what is the first thing many people do? We take a deep breath. You may not realise it but you are already on your way to relaxation before a hand has been laid. Learning to massage at home allows your partner a moment to breathe, relax and forget the stresses of daily life.
  2. Gives Relief From Pain: How many times a week does your partner complain of pain? Our muscles are overworked and often worked in the wrong manner. For example; poor posture at work or while using our smartphones. I often tell my clients that it seems our muscles just need to be touched to know it’s ok and to settle down. It sounds simplistic but in a way Massage Therapists are helping you to relax and allowing these muscles to switch off for a moment to rest. If you could learn to do this at home, imagine how much more you and your family could do together if they weren’t in pain.
  3. Shows Your Love: Have you heard of the 5 Languages of Love? They are ways in which a person receives love from another. These ways include; ‘Words of Affirmation’, ‘Acts of Service’, ‘Receiving Gifts’, ‘Quality Time’ and ‘Physical Touch’. Massage is a way to show your love in a way in which your partner likes to receive it. Massage fulfils many of these love languages as it can be seen as an act of service, spending quality time together and of course through physical touch. It may also be seen as a gift and can be paired with words of affirmation. It could be the perfect tool to demonstrate your love.
  4. Builds Trust, Romance and Intimacy: These are key factors in every relationship and if you can trust someone to provide touch in a way in which you like to receive it, massage can help this trust lead into the romance and intimacy your relationship needs.
  5. Brings a Connection Back To Your Relationship: We have so many responsibilities in life and in our separate roles it’s easy to forget or lose track of the partner we are sharing our life with. You may never feel in sync or feel like you understand each other anymore. Massage is that quality time you need to reconnect, start a conversation and get back in sync with one another.

I often see the benefits in massage for one person at a time. But I am really looking forward to sharing some skills to show you how simple it is to learn, how important it is to touch and how versatile massage is in your home.  Our couples massage workshop is fully clothed, ‘G-rated’ and fun to learn. It won’t replace the need for a qualified massage therapist but will give you some tools to help one another on a regular basis. All you need to bring is yourself, your partner and a willingness to learn while having some fun.  To book into our next workshop, head to our Book Online page and ‘Book a Class’.If you would like to know more’ please contact me on 0414 990 335 or [email protected] Couples Massage Workshop 

Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Love Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovers! I hope that today has been a special one for you all. For us it means 6 months since Tristan and I were married which is mindblowing since the time has gone so fast. We aren’t super romantic and don’t buy one another gifts but we most definitely tell each other that we love them. We even tell our Blake we Love him. I look through Facebook and have seen the many declarations of love for one another. It’s wonderful to see so much love being shared. I believe we also need to think about ourselves. How will you love yourself this Valentine’s Day? Loving yourself is important for your own self esteem and self worth. You have probably heard the saying ‘Nobody will love you until you can love yourself”. It’s a very true statement.  Here is my advice on how to love yourself:

  • Be Proud of Your Achievements: 

Loving yourself is hard for some people to do. I have heard many women especially say, right before they share an achievement with me, “I don’t wanna sound like I love myself but…. “. Being proud of yourself is not a bad thing! Being proud of your achievements should be encouraged as you obviously worked hard to achieve your goal, so celebrate it.

  • Speak Kindly To Yourself:

Would you allow someone to speak to you the way you speak to yourself? Many times we say awful things to ourselves. Some people may do it seeking reassurance or seeking a compliment but many of us have this self deprecating quality and think it’s ok to speak to ourselves this way. I would love you to stop it now and I will too. Try an affirmations about how awesome you are and see how much better you feel.

  • Look After Yourself First:

I can hear you all saying “Woah Mel, but I’m a mum, my kids come first”. Yes your kids come first but also consider that if you don’t look after yourself too, who will be around to put these kids first? Looking after yourself doesn’t mean you don’t look after them or your partner. It means doing something for yourself to allow you the energy and positive mood to share with these special people.

  • Take Time For Yourself:

Self care can come in many forms. It can be as simple as having a shower alone without kids knocking and giving you time to shave your legs (Yes men this is a luxury to us). You can read a book, go for a walk or have that glass of wine with a friend. Something just for you.   At Evolution Health Services we are passionate about making a healthy lifestyle simple and achievable. We want to be able to help you be a positive role model for your children and what better way than showing them how to love themselves. We offer the following services to help you care for you.  Regular Exercise:  Regular exercise is a great way to look after yourself. Whether it is to achieve a weight loss goal, fitness goal like running or to improve your mood after a tough day. I know Boxing helps when I am struggling mentally. Many of us put our kids first when it comes to exercise. They are first to be taken to their sport or dance class. This is a reason we have created our Outdoor Group Training where you can bring the kids along. We even have Kids Classes now to enable the whole family to see the benefits of exercise.  Remedial Massage: Regular massage is something I do for myself. In my physical job, it’s important that I care for my body so that I can continue to look after my clients. Even if you don’t believe your job is physical, sitting can be just as much work on your body. Let me show you how Remedial Massage can help you to feel better and provide you with ways you can look after yourself outside of my clinic.  Learn Something New:  I provide my blogs to help you to learn something new. It may not be groundbreaking scientific discoveries, but I do love to share our passion for health and fitness. I want to provide real advice that you can use as you wish to create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. You may already know it but a reminder can help put it in the foreground of your mind and start taking action.  We want to create a world where parents are less stressed and demonstrate to their kids that self care is not selfish. We want our children growing up as confident, healthy and strong adults ready to take on the world. I know that’s what we want for Blake and we hope that you can see a positive future for your kids too.  If you would like to subscribe to our Newsletter to receive our blog, you can Subscribe here. We hope you have had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and we would love to hear how you are going to care for yourself. Contact us here if you need advice or for us to show you some Love.