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Are You Investing in Your Body?

Are You Investing in Your Body?

In business we are told that we need to spend money to make money. It appears to be reverse logic and you wonder how it works. In our businesses we don’t have to needlessly spend money, but invest in the important parts to see it grow. When it comes to our health and well being it seems there are many ways reverse logic applies to ensuring that you are performing at your best. Find out ways to invest in yourself to see your health grow.

Expend Energy to Increase Energy

We have all used the excuse that we are too tired to exercise. When you participate in moderate intensity exercise, your body begins to release endorphins to overcome that tired feeling. If you are tired, I would recommend starting with a walk. Get your heart rate up but only push to an intensity where you are just struggling to keep up a conversation. Notice how good you feel after the workout and how much your energy levels improve

Drink Water to Lose Water

The body uses a complex system to regulate water levels within the body. If we consume more water than the body requires, it flushes it in the form of urine. If we do not consume enough water, our body decreases output to ensure we have enough fluid to function. Our bodies are amazing machines that will do awesome things to make sure we stay alive. So if you find you are holding onto fluid, try increasing your intake and monitoring the change. 

Eat More to Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight, the first thing we think to do is reduce the calories we consume. Many people seriously restrict calories well below what their body needs to function at rest. It’s an evolutionary trait that our bodies are designed to store food in times of famine as a survival mechanism. The body is never sure when it will get more food so it works to ration our stores. If you consume fresh, healthy foods, your body will let go of its stores. If you give the body what it needs, it won’t need to hold onto more.

Move More to Lessen Pain

When it comes to pain, our first instinct is to stop moving. We sit down and rest in hope of easing our pain. In some circumstances rest is important. Our bodies also work to protect itself from injury by causing muscles to spasm to stop any moves that may cause damage. Once treated, it is important to continue to move normally. Walking and stretching will help your muscles relax and return your function to normal.

Sleep Breeds Sleep

This rings true with my toddler. On days when he refuses to nap, he usually has a bad night too. When he’s slept throughout the day, he sleeps better at night. For adults, many of us wake up feeling tired. We are not giving ourselves enough rest and running on empty. We are then struggling to rest again the next night. To improve sleep, we can try techniques such as going to bed for 8 hours sleep, drinking herbal tea, turning off the phone,having a bath and listening to music to switch our minds off. These techniques will lead to a better quality sleep and in turn will assist with your future sleep patterns.

Investment in our bodies in the form of self care can improve our health and well being to grow our energy and productivity. In our lives we have many important roles where we need to be functioning at our best. We are parents, team mates, employers or employees, we are our most important asset and need to spend time on ourselves to ensure we are able to fulfill these roles in life. 

The Importance of Self Care

The Importance of Self Care

We lead busy lives with families to look after, clients to care for, customers to make happy, hours to work, friendships to maintain and the expectation we can do it all.  Women, in general, tend to instinctively put themselves last when it comes to the list of priorities. We make sure that everyone is cared for first and we make do with what’s left. It’s a tough habit to break but I would like to share with you the importance of self care and how caring for yourself first, will allow you to give more to others.  This quote “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” really hits the nail on the head when it comes to explaining self care. We cannot give to others if we have nothing left within ourselves to give.  Personally, I have been there. Exhausted. In pain. Stressed. Emotional. Sick. And so many responsibilities to keep up with. I was so focused on making sure everyone else was happy and looked after that I didn’t make time for myself. I was at the point of burning out. When a Massage Therapist can no longer treat clients, they are referred to as burnt out. I had only returned from a long break from massage the year before as it’s what my body needed and I was determined not to let it happen again.  I realised that I needed to make sure I started to practice what I preached and I have really started to preach the importance of self care to prevent others from experiencing this feeling. I was feeling so horrible that I didn’t enjoy my wedding as much as I should have. I wasn’t spending quality time with friends, family or my son. I felt guilty spending money or time on myself as I felt my family needed it more.  Self Care doesn’t mean you have to spend heaps of money on expensive lotions, potions or treatments. It doesn’t have to involve heaps of time or effort. It means taking time out for yourself to care for your body and more importantly, the mind. This month, I am sharing 30 tips for self care over 30 days. Keep an eye on our Facebook page andour website as I share some simple and even some free things you can do. At the end of the month, I will compile them all into one place for you to refer to at any time you need inspiration.  Evolution Health Services is passionate about creating a world where parent’s lose the guilt surrounding self care and realise that it is important to care for themselves first, to enable them to give to others. We can provide Remedial Massage, Fitness Classes, Personal Training and a Facebook Community that helps you to connect with other parents, just like you.  Contact us today to see how we can help you create a plan to care for yourself.

Why Do You Want To Change Your Lifestyle?

Why Do You Want To Change Your Lifestyle?

I often hear clients and potential clients share with me how they want to change their weight, their eating habits or their level of physical activity. They want to be fitter and eat healthier but struggle to keep motivation. They know what they should do, but fail to find a way to make it work for their busy lifestyle. They know the How but have you ever considered Why? Why do you want to change your lifestyle? One of our lovely clients who has been through our 12 Week Challenge twice before shared this story with me about why she wants to change. It really hit me how important it is to understand your reason for wanting change and when you discover this, you will maintain your focus on how you will achieve it.  “On 1st February I start my third 12 Week Challenge with Evolution Health Services. I am looking forward to joining in the group of people ready to take on the challenge this time round. My journey through the first two challenges has been an interesting one.Through the first challenge I achieved so much. I was so proud of myself, and my confidence peaked. Then the second challenge started, and it was like I was just going through the motions. I was not motivated, I missed sessions, and I ate whatever I wanted. Looking back at it now, I know why this happened. I was not connected to my WHY. That’s why I love the new goal setting sheet Melissa has designed for this 12 week challenge. The first question is what is your Why. My Why is deeply personal. I have Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) – which causes my ovaries to produce more than enough testosterone in my body, and this means I often have cysts growing on my ovaries. The condition is so much more than that with a range of side effects. It causes me to have acne even in my thirties, unwanted hair, trouble losing weight, and potential infertility. Hence my WHY is to be fit, strong, and fertile so I can conceive children one day. I also hope one day I can be a role model to my children, but for the moment hope I can inspire others around me. The Outdoor Training is my favourite part of the 12 Week Challenge, and I love that the kids of others get involved. It gives me hope that I can achieve my goal of being a mother, and being a role model for them one day. The kids inspire me in more ways than one, often they are little trainers themselves, especially with JJ yelling ‘jump’ when I do squat jumps. I can’t wait to start this 12 Week Challenge. I have my goals sheet completed and pinned on my board where I can see it every day. I hope to achieve a few small goals during the challenge including running consistency for 2kms. Let’s do this!”  Amy Woodley.  Amy’s story really pulls at my heart strings as a mother. I know that it’s not something that comes easily for everyone and if there is a way I can make a difference to her life and help her fulfil a dream bigger than losing weight, I will do everything I can think of to help.  I would ask you to dig deep and think about Why you want to make a change to your lifestyle. Think about how your current lifestyle is holding you back from what you want in life. When you hit that pain point, you discover what is important and there you have your Why.  Is it for the kids? Is it so your hubby can’t keep his hands off you? Is it so you feel confident to speak to new people or make new friends. Whatever it may be, remember your Why whenever you plan to give up. Your Why becomes a greater motivator than any motivational quote we can post on Facebook.  Once you have your Why, we can help you with the How. Our 12 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is about educating you to make positive changes to create a healthy lifestyle that suits you and your family. It’s not a quick fix and we will not do the work for you but you have two Personal Trainers here ready to help any time you need it. Contact us Today to get started on creating your own Healthy Lifestyle. 

What Would You Like to Teach Your Children?

What Would You Like to Teach Your Children?

You work hard all week to provide for your family. You work long hours, you commute hours to work and put up with a tough boss all in the effort of being able to give your children the best start in life. You put your children first as you know the importance of a good start in life. You make sure they are in sport, eat a good dinner and go to bed at a reasonable hour. You are so tired after all the running around you prepare yourself a quick meal, complain about that niggling ache you have had for weeks, fall onto the lounge and may even fall asleep there. You have done an amazing job of caring for your children, but what about you? What would like to teach your children about caring for their own health?   As a mum I have learnt from my own mum that you put yourself last for your children. While I appreciate everything that my mum did for us, I would have loved to see her healthy and happy too. I wonder if there a better way we can all get what we need. Blake is watching everything that we do from such a young age and I want to be able to teach him that it’s ok to care for himself.  From 6 months old, Blake has watched us start our Outdoor Training Classes in Hurley Park. He came along to the Saturday sessions in Winter, snuggled up in his pram with my Nephew JJ, as our first members kickstarted their fitness program. Our first clients were my family. My mum, two sisters and 11 year old neice. As the boys grew, they started to mimic our moves. They would squat, do arm circles to warm up and tried little push ups. Today they run, jump and do burpees. All without ever been shown technique as I do with adults. They learnt through watching us move and had a go too. Through Fitness we were able to set a positive example and show how moving your body makes you feel.  When it comes to nutrition in our household, we believe in balance and moderation. We are not perfect and work to make better choices each day. We like to indulge at times but are learning to reduce the options on the Christmas dessert table and invite more people to birthdays to share the cake. We try to make sure Blake has fresh fruit and vegetables for him every day but what about us? We make sure that we also eat the fruit and veggies. We know that making one nutritious meal for the whole family means we are all taken care of. Blake makes such amazing choices sometimes that it blows us away. He prefers water over any juice, loves bananas, peaches and yoghurt, and sultanas. We have never forced him to eat this but with what was available to him, these are the choices he made. When I eat something I probably shouldn’t, I see him curious to try. When I say no, I realise that by not wanting him to have it, should I even be having it. I need to model the food behaviours that I would like Blake to have too.   This week I was giving my Nan a Remedial Massage. She needs some assistance getting onto my massage table and travelling. My mum was minding Blake while I worked and brought my Nan down for her appointment. He wanted to stay in the room so I allowed it. This was the first time he had ever seen my work in my clinic rooms. He looked and listened as I spoke. He watched as I started to treat my Nan. She made a noise as I hit a painful point. He then began asking “you alright Nan?”. He understood that something was happening and mummy was helping. The following day he walked up to my husband and said “Daddy, sore?” pointing to his arm. He then began to massage his arm. I realised then that we have been teachinghim the importance of touch and caring for one another.  Over time we have realised the importance of self care. As parents we plan our time to allow each of us to have regular massage to treat issues impacting on our health. We want to be able to spend quality time with Blake without pain or stress. Tristan is part of Wimp2Warrior to follow his own passion for MMA Training, teaching Blake to follow your dreams. I am working on making it to more training sessions or making time to train myself. There are plenty of things we can do each week to care for ourselves outside of these. Something as simple as a walk, window shopping, read a blog post (wink wink), or spending 10 minutes in the sunshine. This week, pick one thing you can do for yourself. Looking after yourself this week will give you more energy to be able to care for your children. If I can support you in creating time for yourself Contact me here or would like to book a Massage, Book online now.

Do I Practice What I Preach?

Do I Practice What I Preach?

Being a Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist, I am in a position where I am providing advice and coaching to other people. Our clients look to me to know what they should be doing and I am always willing to help. I was recently posed with the question, do I practice what I preach? At the time I said no, thinking I was being honest but it actually made me reflect on my actions and start to look at what I was doing to follow my own advice.  Recently I have been going through some major changes. I got married. I moved house. I have changed my name (well actually I am still in the process as I don’t know how to sign my new name – so I am avoiding anywhere that needs a signature). I have taken on more days and hours in my business. Leading up to all of this life got hectic. Did I mention that I did all of this within 1 week? Yes I am crazy.  During the months before the wedding I was so stressed that I really wasn’t practicing what I preached. I kept saying “after the wedding” this will get better or that would improve. It was my greatest excuse against everything I was doing wrong. I participated in our 12 Week Challenge with our group and lost 1.9kgs and 20cms overall. I was completely disappointed by this as I knew I hadn’t put in the work. I was getting run down, sick and getting migraines. My mind was already set as to when all of this was going to change and no amount of my body telling me to stop would make me listen. My wedding has now been and gone in a flash. Instantly things started to change. I started putting myself first. It was amazing how opportunities presented themselves without much effort. My mindset had changed and everything seemed to start happening. So what have I changed?

  • I book myself in for REGULAR massages. An opportunity presented where I am now booked in every 4 weeks with a massage therapist and she is booked with me every 4 weeks but on the alternate fortnight. Works perfectly for us both.


  • I put Blake into Day Care. Two days per week he heads off to school with his little friends. This means that I can focus on my Outdoor Group Training Classes which he used to attend and I can take over a day in the massage clinic which was previously rented out.
  • My lunch break is scheduled Every Day. I have an allocated lunch break every day into my booking system where no one can book into these times. I can move the time but it is always there first.
  • I appointed an Accountibility Buddy. I realised that when I didn’t achieve my goals or do what I had planned, I was not accountable to anyone. I am trialling this out to see the consequences of my inactions.
  • I am still improving my diet and meal planning. I have never preached perfection with eating but I am planning and tracking along with my 12 Week Challenge group so we can see how we go each week.
  • We are in the process of recruiting a new Personal Trainer. I realised that I have opened up my schedule so that 3 days per week I can potentially work 11 hour days. Which is a bit too much. So we are asking for help. A couple of nights off will allow me to exercise and maybe have a family dinner.

So far it is working really well. My body feels better and I am no longer jealous of my massage clients lying on my table. It got so bad at times, I would literally be jealous that they got a massage and I didn’t. I can now say I am practicing what I preach. It’s all about small changes regularly. If you find that you are not listening to your body and need to make changes, Contact us to see how we can help you. We can create a plan together for your health.

10 Reasons Why My Clients Have Remedial Massage

10 Reasons Why My Clients Have Remedial Massage

Regular Remedial Massage is fast becoming a part of many people’s health and wellness routine. Prevention of pain and treatment for the areas already hurting are a good motivator to take care of your body. I have some amazing and interesting clients and I would like to share with you 10 reasons why my clients have Remedial Massage.

  1. Work Related Aches and Pains

    We all know the effects of sitting in front of a computer for many hours can have on ourbodies but what about other professions? Think about your poor hairdresser holding up that hairdryer and scissors. She has also been on her feet all day so she is in pain from her neck, shoulder, back, down to her feet. Remedial Massage to these areas help her to be able to create your beautiful hairstyle again next time.

  2. Post Surgery

    After surgery, many people are referred to a Physiotherapist for post op care. Once the Physiotherapist has assessed them and recommended exercises, they sometimes come across clients who would benefit from more time concentrated on soft tissue massage. This doesn’t mean I softly massage their back. It usually means pinpointing areas which have tightened up following surgery and with the Physiotherapist’s guidance, proving Remedial Massage to the correct areas.

  3. Altered Gait

    Gait refers to how a person walks. I have a lovely client who had a knee replacement which unfortunately locked. This means she cannot straighten or bend her knee. Now imagine how you would walk if you couldn’t bend your knee. She requires treatment to her back, hips and other leg due to the compensation required to enable her to work. Remedial Massage provides her with relief from pain.

  4. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

    Now Massage does not cure or stop MS from occuring. Remedial Massage treats the effects of the disease on the body. Clients with MS suffer from sinus issues, muscles aches and tightness. Care must be taken when treating a client with MS due to what is occuring in their body however they can report an overall benefit from regular Remedial Massage which includes soft tissue massage and sinus drainage.

  5. Sports Injuries

    During Outdoor Group Training I joke that I break my clients so I can fix them. While this is never truely my intention, injuries from exercise do occur. I also treat clients who have been injured elsewhere and need some help. If you sustain a strain or sprain during exercise, remember the RICER Principles (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Referral – Yes go see someone if it doesn’t improve). Remedial Massage allows them to return to sport or exercise and with guidance on correct technique, they can prevent the injury occurring again.

  6. Stress

    We all suffer from stress in our lives but it always comes down to how we personally deal with this stress. One of my clients shocked me one day at how stress was impacting on her body. She was directed to get a massage ASAP from her Doctor. A women who was always well dressed and groomed arrived at my room in trackies and no make up. This is not unusual for most clients as they are relaxed with me but this was out of the ordinary for her. She had been suffering severe headaches and her stress was taking its toll on her body. After her massage she relaxed and the headaches subsided. She recognised that she needed to take better care of herself and she now arrives for massage as her usual self, make up and immaculately dressed.

  7. Restricted Movement

    A client with a long history of issues with her knees and hips starts to notice when she is unable to complete her burpees without pain. To her it is a sign of tightness that she knows that Remedial Massage will benefit. After treatment she usually does some crazy dance or movement to show me how well she can move now.

  8. Pregnancy

    I really love Pregnant clients and they love their massage too. During pregnancy every woman has adifferent experience and also develops different aches in their back, hips, feet and even neck & shoulders. This is the body struggling with the shift in centre of gravity, increased weight and loosening ligaments preparing for bub’s arrival. Massage assists in relieving these pains and helping to support the mum during this time. Read my previous blog Pregnancy Massage – Is it Safe?

  9. Self Care

    As mentioned some clients have their Remedial Massage scheduled on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis to make sure they are looking after their bodies. They know how hard their body is working and recognise they need the rest. Check out my previous blog. How Often Should I Get a Massage?

  10. They are a Massage Therapist too

    My client list is starting to grow with other Remedial Massage Therapists in Campbelltown needing treatment too. We recognise the need to care for our bodies and are building a wonderful referral network which will benefit you. If I am ever unavailable, I can always refer you to someone else equally qualified and amazing.

Do you think Remedial Massage could help you too? Contact me to book an appointment or book online here