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Why New Year’s Resolutions Get a Bad Rap

Why New Year’s Resolutions Get a Bad Rap

New Year’s Resolutions are really starting to get a bad rap. They were those things we would set for ourselves to do to make us newer, better people. Most of the time they focused around our health, fitness and well being. We choose those resolutions with a pass/fail mentality. eg. I will give up Chocolate for the year. I will go to the gym 5 days a week. I will give up alcohol (when most people start the year already hungover). Most of the time they were not realistic to achieve, didn’t go into how you were going to maintain this commitment and didn’t consider whether it suited your lifestyle. If you missed a day at the gym, you have failed! What does that do for your mindset and commitment? You throw in the towel and go back to your old ways. The ways that suited your busy lifestyle. For the last couple of years I have changed the way I create my focus for the New Year. I started creating 3 words that would help to guide the choices I made in the New Year. For 2016, I chose ‘Structure’, ‘Grow’, ‘Nurture’. It helped me create structure in my work and personal life to fit in time for the gym. Grow related to the business but also to my own personal growth in learning. Nurture was about caring for myself and creating a nurtured environment for my clients. In 2017, I chose ‘Fearless’, ‘Honest’, ‘Balance’. They related to taking on challenges and fearing them less (not living without fear), It was about being honest with myself about what I could handle and the choices I was making and balance was about balancing my time better between work and home. I enjoyed 2 great years that followed these principles. I didn’t feel that I had failed if I didn’t balance my time perfectly or if I missed a day at the gym. It was a much better approach for my mindset and I looked back at the end of the years to see what was achieved without constantly thinking about the words. It was working in the subconscious mind.
This year I decided to choose only one word, with 3 areas of focus. My word is relationships or ‘Bonds’. I want to create a better relationship with myself (for those that self sabotage and emotional eat or drink will understand why this is important), create greater relationships with my clients and most of all reconnecting with friends that I have lost in my focus to create a business that supports our family.
The last one has actually started by me disconnecting from social media. I deleted the Facebook app from my mobile last weekend so it’s not constantly there, sending me notifications or wasting time as I aimlessly scroll. I realised people were assuming a lot of things about my life based on what I shared and I was only seeing the good things my friends shared. When I spoke to them in person or via text, I realised they were dealing with so much more. I still have access but it’s not yelling notifications at me to look at me, look at this. I’m now working on getting in touch with friends I dearly miss and finding out all the real stuff that’s happening in their lives, not just the positives we share.
I think the New Year is a great time to look at your life and reassess. It’s a great time to set some goals for the year as you are usually relaxed after some time off and have the space in your mind to think about what you really want. So I don’t think we should throw New Year’s Resolutions out the window just yet, but maybe approach them with a different mindset.
How will you be refocusing your mindset for 2018?
Health and Fitness Goal Setting For Mums

Health and Fitness Goal Setting For Mums

As a Mum, goal setting for ourselves is not always the priority. Our main goal is often to survive each day and make sure our kids make it through too.

Before you became a mum, you had things you loved doing. You may have felt differently, more energy, had a sparkle in your eyes when your favourite song came on or that endorphin rush when you finished your favourite workout. Goal setting can help you find who you are and what you love doing outside of being a mum. It can also give you some power over that feeling of just surviving. You have a purpose and direction.

Often we feel pressured to set health and fitness goals that revolve around losing weight fast and fitting back into your skinny jeans. It usually involves low calorie diets and high intensity exercise. Calorie restriction may result in your body not getting the energy it needs to function. When you are running and jumping too soon, you begin to pee your pants (if you aren’t already).  Mums don’t take the time to rehabilitate their bodies after pregnancy. Your body has been through a lot so take the time.

In the beginning, mum goals may be having a shower each day, sleeping 8 hours in a 24 period (probably broken) and enjoying a warm coffee. You may start getting time for date night to reconnect with your partner and maybe even a night out with the girls. All of these things are important for your mental health and go on to have an impact on your physical health. The more we neglect ourselves, the worse our physical and mental health become. Our approach is to be kind to yourself and you will make healthier choices naturally.

Tips for Health & Fitness Goal Setting for Mums

  • Remember What You Love Doing, What Makes You Feel Great – inside and out.
  • Prioritise The Time You Need For Your Goals
  • Find Family Friendly Options
  • Educate Yourself On Your Body
  • Give Yourself Time to Recover from Pregnancy
  • Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes to Reach Goals
  • Avoid Restrictive Diets or Eating Plans.
  • Be Flexible in Your Approach to It All!

Being flexible on how you approach achieving your goals is an important factor. Setting yourself a goal to drop 5kgs in 8 Weeks may look great on paper. But when it comes to reality, kids get sick, you feel like crap, you had a bad night’s sleep and everything else that may happen can have you ‘falling off the wagon’ more times than you would like. But remember that’s life and it is 100% OK. A flexible approach means taking a rest day and enjoying a nap. Skipping a class and making it up with a home workout. Enjoying that chocolate/burger/cake (whatever you feel you need) and choosing a nutritious meal the next time you eat (Instead of waiting for Monday/New Month/New Year to eat well again). Letting go of the guilt and just living a life that makes you feel great.

What would you like to achieve now that you are a Mum? If you want to lose weight without stressing about the scales, diets or high intensity exercise, let me help to guide you through with a plan and workouts that suit your post-pregnancy body.

Also, join our Mums & Bubs Classes on Tuesday and Thursday Mornings at 9:30am to meet other mums, enjoy the fresh air and get your body strong from the inside out. Contact Us today for Your Free Trial.

Are you Ready for The Fishers Ghost Fun Run?

Are you Ready for The Fishers Ghost Fun Run?

It’s only 2 weeks away and you have committed to race. Have you been training? What should you do to prepare? Are you ready for the Fishers Ghost Fun Run?  Evolution Health Services has entered a team in this years race. For me, this is my first time of completing the 5km Fun Run. I have wanted to do it for years but timing was never right. I have completed the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge in the past and could not run the whole thing. I kept walking. So I made it my goal in our 12 Week Challenge to run the whole 5km without walking. While training, inspired by my own client who is about to run the New York Marathon, I decided to just do it. I ran 5 laps of Park Central Campbelltown which is just over 5kms. I didn’t stop but now I have a time to beat.  You may be thinking, why are you setting goals when you are the Personal Trainer. Well I believe that to motivate your clients, you need to show them it is possible. I am by no means an athlete. I don’t look like the sculpted babes on the magazines, I am a real person with a family, business and life to deal with too. So I would like to share my tips of what we can do over the next 2 weeks to get prepared. 1. Tell yourself you can do it.  Mindset will get you far. When completing my training, I was actually saying the number 5 out loud as I ran. Not 2.5, not 3 or 4… I wanted to complete 5kms so I kept telling myself to do it. Luckily there were not too many others nearby so there was no one to hear this crazy person talking to herself.  <hatulclass=”font_8″>2. Picture yourself and imagine the feeling Achieving a goal is one thing, but have you considered how you will feel. Do you crave to have that feeling? Well start picturing yourself going the distance and how proud you will feel when you achieve it. It is easy to set a goal but attach your emotions to it and the goal will drive your body when your mind wants to give up.  3. Keep hydrated.  Did you notice on the back of your race bib they provided you with a Hydration message from Sports Medicine Australia? Hydration is important before the race, as well as in the weeks leading up. You do not want to start a race in a dehydrated state so ensure you get the required amount daily. Also remember that you need to increase your intake when training.  4. Get yourself some comfy gear Running shoes and active wear choices are important. Choose shoes that will support your feet and avoid shoes that are too tight, too loose or likely to cause you blister. I choose to run in tights as I have the lovely issue of my thighs rubbing together so short shorts ride up. Tights allow my legs the freedom to slide against one another easily. You may start the race feeling cool but run in a singlet but bring along your sunscreen to protect your skin.  5. Address any injuries now As a Remedial Massage Therapist I can also help to identify any issues with your muscles prior to racing. If you have a niggle in any area of your legs or back, speak to me about how I can help. You may require a massage treatment or I can provide you with appropriate stretches or foam rolling exercises to help.  If you would like to join the Evolution team in the race, head to the Fishers Ghost Fun Run website to enter now. If you need any more tips, Contact Us today.

Celebrating Your Triumphs

Celebrating Your Triumphs

This week I have seen some amazing changes occur right before my eyes. As a Personal Trainer it’s the best part of my job. My clients are doing things they tell me they couldn’t a few short weeks ago. They are taking on challenges with such motivation and seeing the results of their hard work in so many ways. I think it’s time I start sharing and celebrating your triumphs girls. With just 4 weeks to go on our 12 Week Challenge, let’s see what else we can achieve. My Mighty Weightlifters On Friday our numbers had dropped down to 2, due to school holidays and the cold weather. I decided to make a last minute change of venue and brought the girls into my garage. We introduced Peita to the barbell. Nic has been having Personal Training sessions for 2 months now so she had been introduced before. We started off with some light deadlifts for technique. I noticed how well they were lifting so I thought I would challenge them by adding 10kgs to the 20kgs bar. They kept smashing it out so I kept upping the weights. I watched their form to make sure of no injuries and they were great each and every time.  Nic lifted 50kgs. Now for those who haven’t met Nic, she is only around 5ft1 and doesn’t weigh much more than she was lifting. She was strong. Such an amazing effort. Peita then took the challenge to lift 60kgs. Now this girl had never lifted a barbell in her life and here she was with 60kgs. She did an awesome job. Peita has only ever done our outdoor training and proved to me that good technique with light weights provides a good foundation for good technique in heavy lifting.  My Saturday Morning Joggers Earlier in the week I set the challenge as I completed the 1km loop without stopping (one of my own personal goals). I was motivating the girls for the Saturday Session. After posting in the Facebook Group I found out Amy had been down there that morning making up for missed sessions and challenging herself. This was so exciting for me as Amy is in the middle of Tax Time so appointments were taking up her training times. And Amy told me when we were goal setting at the beginning of the 12 Week Challenge that asking her to jog 1km was a bit ambitious. In our Saturday Outdoor Training Session she knocked almost a minute from her Tuesday time.   Kristen was another who was not a runner when we first started the 12 Week Challenge, but guess who charged off first up the incline and crossed the finish line first? Yep it was the girl who didn’t run. Oh did I mention Kristen has just recovered from Pneumonia. I know she was proud of her effort as I surely was.  Now my mum is one I am always proud of, even when she’s not proud of herself. She has been through so much this year, including knee surgery. Her surgeon told her she would never run again but clearly mum didn’t take no for an answer. She has now been given the all clear to jog occasionally. She got around the whole 1km loop walking but in a great time. She jogged in parts where she could and listened to her body to know when to stop. Another great moment this week. Our Burpee Queen When Emma started earlier this year, her first goal was to be able to do a burpee by her birthday. She even booked a Personal Training Session so she was 1 on 1 with me with the sole purpose of perfecting her burpee. It hasn’t taken her long but she is now smashing out the burpees. Still unsure of herself, I assure you Emma, you are doing them properly. 500 Burpee Challenge here you come. The Fitbit Goal Crusher I’m not sure how many of you have a Fitbit and the awesome app that goes along with it. But did you know that you can challenge your friends? Well we have a group of fitbit wearers, including myself who get roped into challenges each week by the Goal Crusher herself. Yes Kerrianne, I’m talkingabout you. She hits her 10,000 step goal almost every day and leaves us all for dust. We know how often she trains, but I think she mustn’t sit down when at home either. I’m training people or have massage clients all day and still cannot get the steps to beat her. As much as it frustrates me to lose, it also shows me how hard she is working and another tool that is helping her reach her goals. Hello Skinny Jeans While weight loss was one of the goals set during the 12 Week Challenge, some girls are really noticing the centimetres lost. What better way to notice than finding those old favourite jeans that you can now fit into. I had a few of the group discover old clothes fitting again even if they don’t see the changes in the mirror yet.  There are so many more great stories from my 12 Week Challenge Group so far but I am sure you don’t have all day to hear me gushing over them. If you want to start kicking your own goals, Contact Us today with any questions and see how we can help.

What to Do When You Lose Motivation

What to Do When You Lose Motivation

This week the girls in our 12 Week Challenge started to share their feelings with losing motivation and all the things going on with them that are impacting how they feel. Well yesterday I also hit this motivational wall. So what do you do when you feel yourself losing your motivation? Yesterday I went into justification mode where I started to think of all the reasons I didn’t need to continue on my quest to lose weight prior to my wedding. I started to think why bother as my wedding dress already fits. I thought my shoulders already look good and my butt will be hidden under the big dress so who cares. I lacked motivation as my weight is in no way affecting my health at this time. I can move well and am quite fit so what’s the reason for working so hard? One of the girls posted a motivational quote in our Facebook Group (Pictured) as week ago. I agreed with it at the time and had heard it before but it sat in the back of my mind. So I realised I quickly needed to snap out of it for the sake of the group and myself. I felt like quitting but why had I started? I started this 12 week program to look and feel good for my wedding day. I didn’t want to look at all those professional photos and regret not working hard enough and overindulging. I wanted the stamina to get through the day and feel great while having fun with friends and family. Next it was time to take action and here’s what I did: 

  • Put on my engagement ring

 As a Remedial Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer, my job does not really allow me to wear jewellery. On weekends I am usually working and running around so I forget to wear it. So today I put it on as a reminder of my why. 

  •  Found the photo of my wedding dress

 I was due to go for a hair trial this week so my sister forwarded me a picture of me in my dress. It was perfect timing as I needed to see it. I have looked at it a couple of times in the last 24 hours to inspire that drive to return.  It’s starting to work and I am ready to take on Metafit tonight. 

  • Had a cry

 A cry always helps. I sat down with my partner and told him all of my feelings. He is not emotional like me but he has now learnt to just listen and let me get it all out. What better way to remind you of the commitment you are about to make than having the confidence to share your feelings with that man.  

  • Ate ice cream

 Yep I fell off the wagon so to speak and ate an ice cream. But this morning I got up and cooked myself eggs for breakfast as usual. I didn’t decide that this week was a blow out and restart Monday. I chalked it up as a one off and continued with my plan.  I am starting to feel better and I even stopped procrastinating over my wedding invites. These are now done too. So bring on Metafit tonight and boxing tomorrow. Being a Personal Trainer does not excuse me from being human. I wish that perfect commitment came with the qualification. I have to work on my motivation, commitment and will power too. Thank you Amy for your motivational quote. It got me back on track so I can help you all keep to your commitment.