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3 Steps to Enjoy a Guilt Free Easter

3 Steps to Enjoy a Guilt Free Easter

Can you believe we are about to celebrate Easter? For us, Easter is about spending time with family, enjoying a lovely meal and of course chocolate. I love chocolate and if you are my friend on Facebook you may have seen every year I manage to post something about how chocolate tastes better in the shape of a bunny or an egg. Thanks Facebook memories for showing my addiction to this tasty treat. Each year I see the same rubbish about how many burpees it’ll take to burn off a creme egg. You know what, sleeping 8 hours probably burns that amount of calories too so put it into perspective. I am tired of the guilt and wanted to give you 3 steps to enjoy a guilt free Easter.

Step One to a Guilt Free Easter:

Appreciate every bunny or egg given to you as a gift. People show their love and thoughtfulness through gifts, that are meant to be enjoyed.

Step Two to a Guilt Free Easter:

Open the eggs or bunnies and eat them… slowly.

Step Three to a Guilt Free Easter:

Sit back and enjoy. Guilt Free!

It’s easy as that!

In all seriousness though, Easter can be a time for people to go crazy and demolish the Easter aisle at Kmart. But Easter to us is about sharing quality time with family. We often give gifts of pyjamas or slippers with a small chocolate as a treat. We want to enjoy chocolate but realistically we would rather spend our money on preparing for Winter. Snuggly slippers and pyjamas are the best. We are teaching our kids that Chocolate is a treat and in the process re-teaching ourselves it’s a treat too.

So delete anyone who makes you feel bad about enjoying a treat this Easter. Tell them to stick their burpees back in their Easter basket and spend a wonderful weekend with your family. I know that we will.

Happy Guilt Free Easter from all of us at Evolution Health Services.

Are You Ready For The Easter Chocolate Guilt?

Are You Ready For The Easter Chocolate Guilt?

It’s Easter Sunday and your family has given you lovely gifts of chocolate Easter eggs. Every year we all say we won’t buy each other much but a few little gifts add up quickly. You sit there staring at your stash and it begins… Are you ready for the chocolate guilt?

It’s already started on Facebook. The posts about how many burpees or running or push ups it’ll take to work off our favourite Easter treats. Posts about how much sugar they contain and how bad it is for your body. Personally, I think chocolate tastes so much better in the shape of a bunny so you just need one right?

In the fitness industry it seems like this should be the norm for shaming our clients away from treating themselves. These trainers appear to have the perfect lifestyle. Their diet is perfect, their body is their temple and no human emotions ever effect their life. For some clients this is a lifestyle that suits them and they strive to do the same.

That doesn’t work for us. As well as Personal Trainers, we are parents, business owners, friends, siblings, and have all the responsibilities that go along with that. We admit to not being perfect. We have all the excuses that you do and believe it’s ok to enjoy a treat occasionally.

Easter should be no different. Allow yourself to enjoy a treat. Enjoy it without the guilt and stress of how hard your next workout has to be. We believe that you take responsibility for the decisions you make and accept that you may not achieve your goal if you continually choose the treat. Moderation is the key.

Guilt around food causes more harm than good. I’ve been in a supermarket having an anxiety attack as I had no idea what to eat. Restrictive diets cause so much stress and stress itself can impact your ability to lose weight. Allowing yourself the freedom of choice will free you from stress and guilt. Choose to make the decision that suits you today.

So today we take responsibility for the decision to eat chocolate and will enjoy it without guilt. Tomorrow we will wake up, eat our scrambled eggs for breakfast and keep the treats to a minimum until the next time we choose to treat ourselves. It’s what suits our lifestyle and we accept that.

Happy Easter from the Evolution Family x