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Why a 12 Week Challenge Makes Me a Good Tax Agent

Why a 12 Week Challenge Makes Me a Good Tax Agent

I am an accountant and Tax Agent which means I sit at a desk all day long. This has meant I have become inactive and put on a fair bit of weight over the 8 years of Tax Returns.  Well I decided this needed to change. That’s why I decided to join Evolution Health Services 12 Week Challenge. Best decision I have made for a long time.  The 12 Week Challenge has allowed me to push myself, reach goals, and lose weight. I lost a total of 7.4 kilos and a huge 36 cms off my body.  My biggest goal during the challenge was to run 1 km. I told Melissa I thought it might be a little hard to achieve. 10 weeks in I surprised myself by achieving this, and loving every centimetre of it.  Best part about the challenge is the friends I have made. The whole group has bonded over the challenge, supported each other, and shared in the highs and lows. Read their inspirational stories including Kristen, Kerianne, Janelle, and Peita. And there’s the trainers Melissa and Tristan Woodward. I had the pleasure of seeing these two beautiful people get hitched and share in their special day. They have become good friends, and are awesome trainers. Tristan has a knack for reading my mind, and seeing when I’m not pushing myself. He gently urges me to push further, there’s no cliché yelling.  When I’m sore from doing tax and doing training I go see Mel for a massage, she has awesome hands. They have been a vital part of my success in this challenge. Thanks Mel & Tristan! I can’t wait to start the next challenge. My goals for this challenge include losing another 7 kilos, running more, and doing a proper push up. Bring it on!  Amy is a local small business owner of Startfresh Accounting out of the Oran Park Smart Workhub. Amy is not yet convinced that she should dance at training but we are working on changing that. She does have great taste in 90s music so she will soon be inspired by my awesome singing and dancing. Look how gorgeous these girls looked at our wedding. From Left to Right: Nic, Peita, Amy and Kristen.

I Ran Out of Excuses

I Ran Out of Excuses

12 weeks ago while browsing Facebook, I came across a post saying that it wasn’t too late to sign up for the Evolution Health Services 12 Week Challenge, which started the next day.
I enquired about the pricing & the timetable to see if it was something I could do.
All of the excuses that I had been using to justify not working out were suddenly addressed. I didn’t need a babysitter; I could bring my kids to the group fitness sessions. The sessions were held at a park less than 5 minutes away from me, and the price was very reasonable. It didn’t matter how unfit I was, the sessions were tailored to suit all fitness levels. And I liked the idea that it was a short term commitment – 12 weeks seemed achievable to me.

At the time I wasnt sure if it was a moment of weakness or strength, but on a whim and without thinking about it too much, I signed up.
I was hoping to improve my fitness so that I could keep up with my 2 young kids & lose some weight.

The 12 weeks flew by. Some weeks I attended 5 sessions, some I only managed to get to 1. During the 12 weeks there were periods were my family were sick (multiple times), I suffered from pneumonia, we had a short holiday and all the usual life interruptions threatened to get in the way of my goals.
I didn’t count calories or have meal replacement shakes or anything like that – with Mel & Tristan’s help I made small changes along the way and focused on eating a healthy balanced diet. And by balanced I mean I still had the occasional biscuit, slice of pizza or glass of wine.

I enjoyed the sessions. During the first 2 weeks there were times when I was struggling for breath, feeling awkward trying to get the technique right while fending off my kids who were whining for a muesli bar. I wondered whether I’d get to the end of the 12 weeks. But it got better.
I really like Mel & Tristan’s approach – they dont run a boot camp; they treat us all like adults and respect that we all have very different fitness levels and physical capabilities.

So 12 weeks on I have lost 11 kilos and 46 centimetres. I feel great. I am not about to run any marathons but I am the fittest I have ever been. For the first time in my life, I did push ups on my toes! I can run (short distances)! My body is doing things I never imagined it would do. I am proud and to be honest, surprised by what I have achieved.

I am so glad that I made the choice 12 weeks ago to give it a go. The change I have experienced is awesome. I cant wait to see what I will achieve in the next 12 weeks. To Sign Up to the next 12 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, head to for further details and to Register. 

Sisters doin’ it for themselves

Sisters doin’ it for themselves

Photo – Top Row: Taken 23 June 2014Photo – Bottow Row: Taken 8 August 2015   My story start 3 years ago. I was getting married and wanted to feel great on my day. Well I didn’t, I loved my dress and the day and at the time I felt ok, not great but ok. I had an amazing day and was very happy.

I then started trying to have a baby. After some tests, I was told I was borderline type 2 diabetic and had PCOS. The OBGYN told me I would need to lose weight before I could have a baby and would be at least 1 year of hard work. At 123kgs, little did we know I was already pregnant.

When I found out I was pregnant with my baby I was so excited and then my sister told me she was having a baby too and it was an awesome. By 15 weeks I was showing signs of Gestational Diabetes and sure enough I had it. By 17 weeks I was on injections and following a strict gestational diabetes diet. Testing my levels 4 times a day and injecting myself with insulin 4 times a day was not fun. It was hard but I tried so hard to follow the diet and do my needles even though it drove me to tears. Many times no matter how hard I tried my sugar levels kept playing up and my insulin levels kept getting higher. But I worked hard and I had my gorgeous (little) baby boy! I had lost 10kgs while I was pregnant.

When I moved back to Campbelltown and my sister had her baby, and we wanted to get back into the gym and exercise. Then Melissa and Tristan started their business.

I trained at the gym with Mel, then Mel and Tristan in their garage and I was introduced to Metafit. Wow what an introduction. Then outdoors… In winter…… It was cold but this is where #shitgetsreal

Now just over a year on I am still training. I am now almost in the double digits (fingers crossed after this weigh in) but I am so much fitter and stronger then I have been since having my daughter 12 years ago, probably even before that. My husband has never known me at this weight. I am 10kgs lighter now than when I met him.

My motivation is my kids and my husband. I want to be happy, fit and healthy for them and for ME. I train so hard so I don’t get type 2 diabetes or other health issues that go along with being overweight. I have just had tests done, I am no longer even close to having diabetes and there is no evidence I have PCOS.  I’m not perfect but Mel and Tristan are there for me to help and support me when I have a bad day or week. They have kept me focused and motivated to work towards my goals and a healthier lifestyle and to teach my kids a better way. The group we have is so supportive. It’s great to be working towards our goals together. These girls are amazing.

I can’t say enough about our trainers. They are amazing. There is no yelling but they know how to motivate us and push us. I can now run over 1km and never thought I could, but they did. I am excited to work towards my next running and other goals. I couldn’t even jog 50ms when I started.

If you are looking to get healthy and be part of a fantastic group then come and join us. We love to welcome new members and make our group bigger.  Well some fantastic news since Kerrianne shared this story with me. She is now under 100kgs which was a major milestone for her. During the 12 Week Challenge, she lost 6kgs and 20cms in her measurements. Awesome work Kez, we are proud of your hard work and the results speak for themselves. If you would like to join the next 12 Week Healthy Lifestyle Challenge, head to for more info or to register today. 

A Year That Changed My Life

A Year That Changed My Life

Peita is one of Evolution Health Services‘ Clients who has shared her story about training with us over the past year. A year that changed my life is a fitting title for this inspirational story of success with weight loss, self confidence and being proud of what she has achieved. Peita has been a part of our Outdoor Group Training sessions and signed up for our first 12 Week Challenge. We have included these before and after photos. Photo 1 – Taken 5th January 2015Photo 2 – Taken 29th June 2015  Peita does not have a “before” photo from starting with us. Read on to find out why.  It was just over a year ago that I woke up one morning and couldn’t walk on my right foot. I went to the Dr who told me I had a heel spur (Plantar Fasciitis) and told me it had a lot to do with being overweight. After years of avoiding mirrors and scales, hiding behind my kids in photos, the lower than low self esteem and not to forget the total self loathing I had about my body image, I said to the Dr ” I need help”. He referred me to a Podiatrist and Nutritionist. So off I went to see how they could help. I then got some sexy new footwear, new insole supports for my sexy shoes and a healthy outlook on diet and exercise. I started doing “The Biggest Loser” workouts in my lounge room a few times a week and started to see a small difference. This got me motivated and after having a chat with Kerrianne, who I’ve known for a few years now, she got my interested in joining up with Mel and Tristan to step it up a notch.

Best decision I’ve ever made in my life so far!

As I write this I’m trying not to sound too cheesy but joining with these guys has changed my life. From the dietary advice, killer workouts and the massages I get to relive my aching muscles, my life has totally changed.

I’ve gone from 2 sessions a week to three, then four and now I’m doing 5-6 a week, with one or two workouts at home, that I write up, based on the workouts Mel and Tristan provide us.

In a year I have now lost 31 kilos and 70cm off my body as a whole. And I’m going to keep going. Not because I want to be slim or anything, because I enjoy it. Sometimes I hate it while I’m doing it, but I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment at the end and I feel proud of how far I’ve come. Even if I still can’t do push ups on my toes.

I admit ithasn’t all been smooth sailing. I’ve pulled muscles, I’ve ached in places that I don’t think should ache, I’ve gotten depressed that I can’t eat certain things that my body has craved, I’ve been upset and too hard on myself that I can’t do certain exercises that others can and sometimes I still feel blah about how I look!! But it’s all part of my journey and I’ve learnt that I can deal with all that and still keep going. Even on the days I don’t feel as motivated as I do other days.

This 12 Week Challenge has been mentally hard for me, partly because I think I’ve been too strict on myself at times and too negative about “not losing enough”. My goal for the next 12 Week Challenge is to chill out, not stress and just do exactly what I normally do on a day to day basis and not do my own head in.

One of my proudest and saddest moments was when my son said I could cuddle him in bed now that I’ve lost weight and won’t squash him. I’m proud that my kids see the hard work I’m putting in and proud of the fact they’re taking it all in. They are even busting out their own workout moves at home. I never want to be an embarrassment to my kids with my weight, I know how kids can be cruel and I never want to be the “chubby” mum on the playground that their kids are ashamed of.

So to wrap it all up YAY to Mel and Tristan for their awesome workouts, motivation and guidance, and also to the girls that support me and everyone else at our sessions. I’m getting my self esteem back and a lot more confidence too and I’m loving that.

Mel and Tristan, I can never thank you enough, you mean so much to me and all I ask is that you keep on pushing me and making me work hard to achieve more goals down the track.  Deal.  From us Peita, thank you for sharing your story. We are touched that we have been able to inspire your success but know that it is you who has put in the hard work and consistent effort. 

Can you see the new you?

Can you see the new you?

As we get closer to the end of our first 12 week challenge, I have started to notice a common theme appearing from my clients. It made me wonder, can you see the new you? This weekend I spent the day shopping for an outfit for my hens night. We were all on a mission to find the perfect outfit to look great, feel great and be able to move on the dance floor.  The weight has been sneaking off slowly as we weigh in every 3 weeks. When you see little numbers you don’t think of the greater impact it has once you add them all together.  I witnessed the self doubt as we all stared in the mirror making sure our butts didn’t look too big or that the outfit flattered our baby stretched bellies. There was much discussion on whether we should go up a size to make something more flattering but of course that then makes it look huge around our shoulders.  The biggest challenge of the day was convincing some of us that they no longer needed to shop in the plus size stores. We found clothes in many stores that now fit. We walked into one store by chance and all 4 of us found something in there that looked fantastic. 3 of us purchased an absolute bargain. (I personally saved $199 from the original marked price). The 4th member of the group needed some more time to decide.  She has been through a massive transformation over the last 12 months and she does not yet see how fantastic she looks. She has not yet gained the confidence she deserves to have considering how far she has come. I understand it’s not an easy process. The mind sometimes still sees the fat chick. We as women tend to focus on the bad parts instead of the great.  No matter how many compliments she received, or the random friend who we ran into that also joined the confidence boosting party, it wasn’t enough to get her to buy that beautiful dress. At the end of the day we hoped that she has walked away seeing that she can wear sexy dresses.  But no matter whether you make a small change or a large change, you need to embrace your body at each stage. Be confident in who you are and what you are doing. Know that you are heading towards a healthier lifestyle.  So next time your friends or family tell you how amazing you look, please believe them.

Celebrating Your Triumphs

Celebrating Your Triumphs

This week I have seen some amazing changes occur right before my eyes. As a Personal Trainer it’s the best part of my job. My clients are doing things they tell me they couldn’t a few short weeks ago. They are taking on challenges with such motivation and seeing the results of their hard work in so many ways. I think it’s time I start sharing and celebrating your triumphs girls. With just 4 weeks to go on our 12 Week Challenge, let’s see what else we can achieve. My Mighty Weightlifters On Friday our numbers had dropped down to 2, due to school holidays and the cold weather. I decided to make a last minute change of venue and brought the girls into my garage. We introduced Peita to the barbell. Nic has been having Personal Training sessions for 2 months now so she had been introduced before. We started off with some light deadlifts for technique. I noticed how well they were lifting so I thought I would challenge them by adding 10kgs to the 20kgs bar. They kept smashing it out so I kept upping the weights. I watched their form to make sure of no injuries and they were great each and every time.  Nic lifted 50kgs. Now for those who haven’t met Nic, she is only around 5ft1 and doesn’t weigh much more than she was lifting. She was strong. Such an amazing effort. Peita then took the challenge to lift 60kgs. Now this girl had never lifted a barbell in her life and here she was with 60kgs. She did an awesome job. Peita has only ever done our outdoor training and proved to me that good technique with light weights provides a good foundation for good technique in heavy lifting.  My Saturday Morning Joggers Earlier in the week I set the challenge as I completed the 1km loop without stopping (one of my own personal goals). I was motivating the girls for the Saturday Session. After posting in the Facebook Group I found out Amy had been down there that morning making up for missed sessions and challenging herself. This was so exciting for me as Amy is in the middle of Tax Time so appointments were taking up her training times. And Amy told me when we were goal setting at the beginning of the 12 Week Challenge that asking her to jog 1km was a bit ambitious. In our Saturday Outdoor Training Session she knocked almost a minute from her Tuesday time.   Kristen was another who was not a runner when we first started the 12 Week Challenge, but guess who charged off first up the incline and crossed the finish line first? Yep it was the girl who didn’t run. Oh did I mention Kristen has just recovered from Pneumonia. I know she was proud of her effort as I surely was.  Now my mum is one I am always proud of, even when she’s not proud of herself. She has been through so much this year, including knee surgery. Her surgeon told her she would never run again but clearly mum didn’t take no for an answer. She has now been given the all clear to jog occasionally. She got around the whole 1km loop walking but in a great time. She jogged in parts where she could and listened to her body to know when to stop. Another great moment this week. Our Burpee Queen When Emma started earlier this year, her first goal was to be able to do a burpee by her birthday. She even booked a Personal Training Session so she was 1 on 1 with me with the sole purpose of perfecting her burpee. It hasn’t taken her long but she is now smashing out the burpees. Still unsure of herself, I assure you Emma, you are doing them properly. 500 Burpee Challenge here you come. The Fitbit Goal Crusher I’m not sure how many of you have a Fitbit and the awesome app that goes along with it. But did you know that you can challenge your friends? Well we have a group of fitbit wearers, including myself who get roped into challenges each week by the Goal Crusher herself. Yes Kerrianne, I’m talkingabout you. She hits her 10,000 step goal almost every day and leaves us all for dust. We know how often she trains, but I think she mustn’t sit down when at home either. I’m training people or have massage clients all day and still cannot get the steps to beat her. As much as it frustrates me to lose, it also shows me how hard she is working and another tool that is helping her reach her goals. Hello Skinny Jeans While weight loss was one of the goals set during the 12 Week Challenge, some girls are really noticing the centimetres lost. What better way to notice than finding those old favourite jeans that you can now fit into. I had a few of the group discover old clothes fitting again even if they don’t see the changes in the mirror yet.  There are so many more great stories from my 12 Week Challenge Group so far but I am sure you don’t have all day to hear me gushing over them. If you want to start kicking your own goals, Contact Us today with any questions and see how we can help.